Christms boxes!

Discussion in 'The Quarterdeck' started by Daktari, Dec 17, 2007.

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  1. Think I've just upset the window cleaner! Dont see the B&%$£rd for weeks then the week before Chrimbo he comes round, slops some water on the windows - it's nearly 0 C out there! - hammers on the door and says Window Cleaner! - stands there looking hopeful - unfortunately for him I've got me "skippers rounds" head on - You missed a whole window! Rescrub! and no christmas box for you laddie!
  2. Yeah , some of these blokes can be a real pane in the (gl)ass.
  3. We binned ours because they used to wait until we'd gone out, wind the dog up until she went frantic and had a fit around the house whilst spreading old dirty mucky water all over the windows. Then they expected ME to pay for the privilege!
    Weren't happy when I told them to eff off.
  4. I use a service that uses filtered water provided from a tank in the van and pumped up to the brush through carbon fibre poles, they provide an excellent service and it will be a pleasure to give them a Crimbo tip.
  5. The bestest window cleaner I ever met was the guy in the bus conductors hat in Malta years ago.

    Parking the convertible on waste ground he would walk over pretending to be the car park attendant and produce a rag to clean the side windows that where down .

    He went through the motions of cleaning the none existent windows I just had to pay him for his performance :w00t:

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