Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by brazenhussy, Dec 20, 2007.

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  1. I am guilty of posting pants christmas posts- who would u snog etc.....

    but now, for once I will be serious.......

    Christmas is a time for families, for christian beliefs, for celebration..........

    I would like to send out my heart felt thoughts to those away serving, to those who have personal loss due to war, illness, crime whatever modern day evil has taken loved ones,

    Christmas is a time for family, so to the RR family I say
  2. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    D'oh, from the thread title I thought you were handing out grat issues of snogs, mate.[​IMG]
  3. not on this one babe- serious head on!!!!!!!
  4. I'll second that!! :director: :santa:
  5. BH, I agree with your sentiments.

    My Great Nephew made it back from sandy places just in time for his Mum's 50th. He couldn't understand why there were tears, as well as hugs and kisses. At the end of the evening he came over, and gave me a "Bear Hug" and said "Now I understand!" The tune being played was, "We are family."

    Semper Strenuissima
  6. Guilty of nothing but keeping JACKS and JENNY'S sense of humour alive
    My mind will also be with the brave lads and Lasses doing there bit.As we have our Christmas dinner.
  7. Sad time for my sister in law fighting liver cancer. Devoted mother and wife once again if you live in Scotland you get the chemo medication in England a point system and how much your local authority has spent in there budget.

    A Christmas Story Long Ago

    My dad, Guard John Murphy. Killimore. Ballinasloe, died in Our Lady's Hospice, Harold's Cross, Dublin, aged forty-four, leaving my mother, aged thirty-nine, with ten children, aged two and a half to eighteen years old.

    On Christmas Eve of 1945, we spent most of the day playing outdoors in the snow while Mother stuffed a goose which had been hung on a nail out in the back kitchen for several days. Mrs. O'Mara had sent the goose up to her with a basket of groceries. In the basket were sweets, biscuits and a bottle of raspberry wine, and a sweet cake for all of us. Before we went to bed that night we had a small party. We prayed and asked Santa not to forget us and we asked Baby Jesus to help Santa with our toys. Mother hung up our small stockings with big safety pins on a clothesline that hung over the fireplace.

    On Christmas morning we were all up bright and early. We tiptoed down the stairs and crept along the hallway so as not to awaken Mother. We took down our socks and in it was a pair of knitted socks, a few sweets and a pencil. Not one toy for any of us, not even the baby. After dinner we went to the church with the smaller children sitting up in the big pram. We looked into the manger crib. After all our praying Baby Jesus sent us nothing so we decided to hide Him under the straw. We climbed into the crib, pulled the straw up and hid the Baby Jesus under the straw as far down as we could. We then went home satisfied that Baby Jesus was hidden away. We told Bab Flood what we had done and she just smiled. She felt sorry for us and gave us some apples and oranges . The next day we went to the church only to see Baby Jesus back in his crib again. This time we buried the Baby Jesus again, but this time we used our shoe laces and tied him to the straw so that he couldn't get out. Mother was very cross and wanted to know what happened to our laces but we never told her.

    The Garda Superintendent heard about our dilemma and a few days later a phone call came to the barrack to say Santa hadn't forgotten us and a large parcel was on its way from the Guards in the Depot Training Centre in Dublin. The parcel contained a beautiful doll with a china face drums, bugles, games of all kinds, a big fruit cake and socks for all of us. We were overjoyed. Baby Jesus had loved us after all, even though he was a little late. We paraded up and down the street of Killimore to the delight of Mother and the neighbours. No-one could ever imagine the joy and happiness that parcel brought to Mother and her orphans.
  8. Nice dit the meaning of Christmas for us all, dont give up hope and keep praying.
  9. Best Wishes to all those serving at home and abroad and thoughts for a peaceful New Year.

    Also like to mention all those working during the festive season in hospitals,care homes and all the emergency services etc.

    I hope its a quiet one without too much grief and sadness.

    All things in moderation and enjoy your time with friends and family.
  10. Yep, a VERY merry christmas to all. I hope everyones will be as good as mine will :w00t: . Leave could'nt have come sooner i tell ya. Training team gave us a lovely xmas present, "gecko-gecko-eeeooorrr-bastard" lol. :whew:
  11. A VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS to all. My sincere good wishes and thoughts to those who for whatever reason cannot be where they would like to be this Christmas, especially those in less peaceful parts of the world.
  12. Happy crimbo to all the readers and posters .
    Hope santa is good to you all

    And best wishes for the coming new year

    :nemo: :nemo:
  13. Happy Christmas to ALL :rendeer: :thumright:

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