Discussion in 'The Corps' started by Standard_Bearer, Dec 23, 2006.

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  1. Why does Christmas always come when the shops are busy :?:

    Why does Christmas always come 2 weeks before I get money in my bank account :?:
  2. Why does Christmas come when its freezing?, he was born in a desert country FFS.And his date of birth is a guess.
  3. september.......................
  4. Why does Christmas always come when the shops are busy

    It's always busy at Christmas that's why Jesus was born in a stable!!!

    Strewth don't you know nothing!!
  5. A stable! we used to dream about livin in a stable. all we got was the gutter

    (attributed to Monty P)
  6. the clues with yon shepherds watching they're sock's by night.....

    whenever sheep are born out there......that's the time of year we'd be looking at.....

    plus the fact that Christmas as we know it falls on the same day as a druidic winter festival......and the roman's once they'd gone over to christianity hijacked it and made it the festival of Christ's birth.

    naffin to do with busy shops etc.......
  7. Jesse O Ye effin killjoy
  8. Agree with you Hig, He'll be telling us that Santa is our dad next.
  9. dunno slim

    got a big white beard?, large pot belly?, cheerful most of the time?, tend to like the odd sherry and mice pie blow out?, don't sleep a lot xmas eve?, like talking to elves?, live at the North Pole?

    all these would be big hints......

    if that's the case would you have a word with your old man for me?

    I would Like...............
  10. It is thought by scholars that He was born between August-September. So perhaps we can go back to celebrating the old Pagan year's end and the coming of Spring seperately and just let Christians celebrate Christmas (at Mass) in September without all the hypocritical exchanging of gifts and gluttony. The rest of us could then ignore Christmas and celebrate the New Year using Santa's defunct balls to ring out the old year and ring in the new.
  11. Heard a rumour :roll: that the shepherds were high on Ganga Weed or was it the sheep :?:
  12. 'Twas the night before Christmas, and all through the house, not a creature was stirring, not even whitemouse.... :D
  13. Santa only comes once a year to empty his sack, apparently theres a clause in his contract!! :lol:

  14. Fancy only empty'ing your sack once a year :roll: :oops:

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