Christmas Run Ashore - London

Discussion in 'Social & Reunions' started by 2_deck_dash, Sep 15, 2010.

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  1. Bavarian Beerhouse

  2. Medieval Banquet

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  3. Wong Kei

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  4. Queen Mary

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  5. Any pub will do

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  6. Other (please state suggestion)

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  7. Fcuk you 2DD, I'd rather drink brake fluid than piss up with you, ya throbber.

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  1. Right who's in then?

    I'm happy to do the leg work and get this organised, I just need you fcukers to turn up and vote on what venue you'd prefer. Haven't sorted a date yet but it will probably be early December to avoid the office party rush.

    So the options are:

    Bavarian Beerhouse, think Oktoberfest but in a dingy basement in London:

    Medieval Banquet, like they do in the states, with jousting and shit:

    Wong Kei in China town:

    Queen Mary on Victoria Embankment, i.e getting pissed on a ship:

    Or we could just do a simple pub dinner and crawl afterwards.

    Any other suggestions?
  2. Happy with any pub, although this place used to be cracking (and good value with their delicious ham and cheese pie and good wine selection)

    Cork & Bottle Wine Bar Restaurant. 44-46 Cranbourn Street, Leicester Square

    I'm dawn-sarf on or around the 11th December if that is of any use.
  3. I'm sorry!? Wine bar!?

    Have you caught the gay or something?
  4. Sorry, I have put my back out, and the Brufens are making me a bit gay this morning. :D
  5. I'll be in London for a few days before flying out to France, either at the end of November or beginning of December (should find out in the next few weeks) so might be able to join in the fun. Bavarian Beerhouse sounds like my cup of tea. Either way I shall definately be going there or Octoberfest Pub when I'm down that way.

    As an aside anyone in La Plagne this winter feel free to pop into Scotty's Bar at Hotel Christina and say hi. I'll be the chap surrounded my French totty (hopefully) enjoying my staff discount :drunken:
  6. Blackrat

    Blackrat War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    Any pub will do me mucker. Count me in.
  7. Can see it now. RR members on piggy back jousting drunkenly with brooms :p
  8. weekends best for me, most probs a Sat evening, we posties have to work Saturdays
  9. Whatever you all choose I'll see you there :) . This event cancelled now I guess? ;)
  10. Nah we'll just wait till you drop out half way through :p
  11. I take it you guys don't know london then? ? ? ps won't be on here for weeks but seriously guys your selection sucks!
  12. Any ideas for other places to go always welcome.

  13. You dont need the endurance course, could you just imagine the Rum Rationers on the boat ride over to this pub!! That would sum it up in itself!
  14. It would be epicCould sell the rights to hollywood for an epic 3 part film adaptation
  15. :idea: Methinks best arrange a venue by PM (for those up for it.)

    Otherwise the N of the W or Red Top Journos will be all mustering/gatecrasing to set up some kind of sting:

    Cocaine, Hookers, etc, etc

    :idea: :idea: Second thoughts - Let it roll!
  16. Look Bob planning for Christmas is a tad optimistic at our age. I don't even buy "Return" tickets anymore when I bus it to town. :D :D
  17. Nor me, I use the OAP's Bus Pass (whenever I can find it)
  18. Cheers for your input dits.
  19. I don't care we go so long as the beer is cheap(ish - London yeah right !)

    Just PM me when you've made up your min. Any date on or after the 17th Dec is best when leave kicks in at Sultan.

    Cheers all,

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