Christmas on the Frontline

Discussion in 'Films, Music, TV & All Things Artsy' started by tommo, Dec 29, 2008.

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  1. Anyone else watch this tonight. It was at 7pm BBC 1.

    It was good to see the RN get mentioned being in Afgan despite no Sea.
  2. was a pretty good programme. I thought it portrayed the real troops life well.

    also, loved the mention of the RN
  3. It doesn't happen often it was a pleasant surprise
  4. Unfortnately i missed it but i guess BBCi will re-run it
  5. More than likely fella.
  6. I am incredibly glad i watched this programme, I was touched by how much they touched on the real soldiers (and matelots lives). Did anyone catch what jen the navy girls trade is? The journo seemed to focus more on the army girls than her, Id venture a guess she is a marine engineer serving with the commando loggies?
  7. Didn't mention her branch or what she was doing there.
  8. I think they should have at least done that, the army girls were followed quite closely in comparison to her! Oh well, the RN were at least given some screen time, so hopefully more of the brit public will be aware of the sheer number or RN/RM personnel out in afghan!
    Incidentally, it has always puzzled me why a shortage branch like submariners are being used as drivers for the commando loggies. Could someone enlighten me as to why this is?
  9. I'm guessing she's RNR Logs..!? Matt confessed at one point he didn't realise 'part timers' were in Af.
    Overall a great programme, but it could have spread out to more people in the camp.
  10. Not all submariners are in a shortage category. We do have more than one branch.
  11. wet_blobby

    wet_blobby War Hero Moderator

    ...and there's me thinking your all one eyes related to each others mothers sisters grandma's cousin............ :dwarf:
  12. Loved the programme, and thought that all of our lassies were both doing, and looked, great.

    The Padre was a typical Serviceman's Padre and, if we had more like him in civvy street,
    our churches would be overflowing.

    BZ all of you, and stay safe.

  13. To be sure we dashed down from the mountains to view this pgm over here in the Republic and the other half stated it was enjoyable to watch.

    It was the other half who spotted it in the paper and said we must get back to watch it.

    Was it this pgm or another I viewed with a bootie subtitled 45 Cdo reservist was that RMR or 45cdo bootie helping out? The Jamieson was flowing well at the time.

    I liked the mention of submariners in Bastion.

    Interesting pgm.

    Well done to all the lads and lassies out there.
  14. Watched this on BBC iPlayer and thoroughly recommend it (link). I didn't know that Camp Bastion was run by the RN, either.
  15. That is a great video!

    I never realised how big these camps were!!
  16. Thanks NG for the link. I read it earlier and have now downloaded and watched the video. Super programme, no liberal leftie bias, right up to the (old) standards of the BBC. Be ready recruiters, hopefully you'll be flooded out with applicants next week!
    Great stuff.

  17. I thought she was doing maybe dentistry or something like that? I just remember seeing here in a blue apron sort of thing at some point?
  18. Coming up on Channel 5.....Warzone, 2100, 5th Jan.
  19. Yeah saw that advertised also.
  20. Thanks for the "heads up" Stirling.
    A Happy New Year to you and yours - p'raps in 2009 we'll get round to having that drink?


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