Christmas Message

Having just read the entry from Janner regarding "A letter to Mum", this reminded me of spending Christmas in Singers in about 1969 or 70.
I was on Cachalot at the time, and in those days (not sure of whether it still applies these days with the advent of the internet etc) families of those serving abroad at Christmas were given the opportunity of sending a recorded messge, which was played over the boats loudspeaker system on the day itself. Naturally, any recipient of one of these messages was immediately subjected to great p**s taking, and I thought I had got away it until I heard those dreaded words "Hello Paul, it's Mum"!! She then proceeded to tell all and sundry how much I was missed and loved etc, then capped it all by announcing that she'd selected my favourite song " A Paler Shade of White" (as opposed to A Whiter Shade of Pale) to be played for me!
Still - if you can't take the p**s taking, don't dish it out! :rendeer:
Called my old dear up when 200 miles off the coast of Argetinaland prior to a vist there.(We were friends back then)

It took me 3 minutes of a 5 minute slot to convince her that I wasnt on Stoke Railway Station waiting for a lift home.

She moaned cause she hadnt had a letter for 6 weeks,I explained that the dolphins were on strike and were not taking the mail off us.
She replied.'Oh,perhaps they'll go back soon'

Arent Mums great?