Christmas is coming.............................

Peter said:
We are the only ones to blame for the retail season operating half a year ahead of everyone else; The shops promote these seasonal goods and the public buys them. If the public stopped buying Christmas gifts until December then eventually the companies would get the message and wouldn't stock up on the Christmas goodies until later.
On the other hand some of us try to do our Christmas shopping in the Jamuary sales when the price is a bit more reasonable. Not that I am a cheapskate though.


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Always_a_Civvy said:
brazenhussy said:
slim said:
Those who are SENSIBLE buy their Christmas presents, cards etc in the January sales.


Bought most of my Christmas cards at the National Gallery sale 8 years ago, when they reduced them from £10 for a box of 20 to £1. It's the best £20 I've ever spent!

I bought my mother's Christmas present 18 months ago. A mini-cruise in one of these cabins... and so VERY convenient for the bar... (18 strides away to be precise)
Isnt the 'Black Watch' the one in the news recently about the legionaires(??) disease outbreak ??
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