Christmas is coming.............................

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by brazenhussy, Sep 5, 2007.

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  1. You all know how it goes, there are months away till Christmas but you are reminded so with the shops stocking up even earlier, adverts appearing on TV. Yet, for me, I have a Christmas Gift catalogue delivered even earlier than you would expect. I, could buy all my presents if so wish to do so in mid year.
    As I had my catalogue delivered, guess what some insane, bright spark has gone and invented now?
    If the early reminders of Christmas don't drive you up the wall, then this surely will.

    An 'upside down Christmas tree'. That's right, a Christmas Tree with decorations, only upside-down. Apparently, it is for the sake of more floor space and to obtain your presents with ease.
    Take a look for yourselves;
    it's a video demonstration from my catalogue.

    Will it ever take off?
  2. July 1st this year the local Holiday Inn put up thier ''Book your xmas party with us'' banner.. :toilet: before long the easter eggs will be in the stores during January sales.
  3. Those who are prudent buy their Christmas presents, cards etc in the January sales.
  4. noooooooooooo!!

    last minute panic buying is much more fun!![​IMG]

  5. yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeees!

    Bought most of my Christmas cards at the National Gallery sale 8 years ago, when they reduced them from £10 for a box of 20 to £1. It's the best £20 I've ever spent!

    I bought my mother's Christmas present 18 months ago. A mini-cruise in one of these cabins... and so VERY convenient for the bar... (18 strides away to be precise)
  6. that is lovely AAC- bet she'll love that.. where's the cruise?
  7. Links provided above. To Rouen, which everyone I've spoken to has recommended. I'm treating her to the cruise below for her birthday.,restrictResults=,year=2008.html

    In one of these.... note the jacuzzi bath!

    I wouldn't want to live in accomodation worse than what is probably now standard fare for baby matelots! ;)
  8. sgtpepperband

    sgtpepperband War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    Nah, it's amazing what you can get in Clackett Lane Service Station on Christmas Eve:

    "Darling of course I love you; I've bought you a matching set of car seat covers and a 'Top Gear Driving Anthems' CD..."

    :santa: :argue:
  9. I'm one of those Posties delivering all this rubbish - catalogue after bloody catalogue - old people are the worse - getting upwards of 3 per day!! Nightmare - my bags way a tonne and it's all rubbish!

    On the upside - i finish in 2 weeks and i'll be at Raleigh for Christmas!! Wahoo - cannot bloody wait!!
  10. Maybe it's Christmas next month. We seem to have skipped the Summer!!!!
    I'm dreamingggggggg of a whi.................te Christma..........
    Stop it stop it stop it..................................
    Just like the one I used to knoooow.....agggghhhhh!!!!
  11. Who needs catalogues? The net is the best way to shop. Got about half of my presents already. BTW if anyone on here wants to be my Secret Santa a Nikon D3 please. :hello1:
  12. I got round Xmas years ago when my kids were young by telling them we were Muslim.

    Worked for me,never had to buy a present yet. (Iam actually C of E but dont tell them)
  13. Link doesn't work.

    Was really looking forward to watching it and had got popcorn and everything :(
  14. ...Quality not Quantity!

    (I think enough of the geeky camera bashing!)
  15. Wot you moaning about... all that free weight training. You'll appreciate those grannies and elderly matelots when you find scrubbing your kit easy whilst your messmates are all offering you fivers to scrub their keks for them!

    Bloody ungrateful nozzer! ;)
  16. We are the only ones to blame for the retail season operating half a year ahead of everyone else; The shops promote these seasonal goods and the public buys them. If the public stopped buying Christmas gifts until December then eventually the companies would get the message and wouldn't stock up on the Christmas goodies until later.
  17. Why spoil the traditional element of Christmas shopping? In my experience, it is best started about 3pm on Christmas Eve :rendeer:

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