Christmas is coming...

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Don't go 'apeshite' because you think it's too soon to mention Christmas as… it is only 84 days away and counting down.
I know it's a bit scary; how quickly time passes and how fast these things come around. (Quicker than you could get to the top of the rock).
Anyway, to help you out a bit this year here is a reminder about 'Gizzits, Slops & Pussers stuff', a department of Amazon's open24 store.
This is the link, You will find all manner of RN kit from tee shirts and caps, to memorabilia, pins, models, some amazing books and, of course, lots of Rum.
Why not pass this link onto your children, family and friends so they have a great selection of Gizzit's to choose from when wondering what to get the old salty sea dog that has been there, seen it all and shagged everything that moved while downing a bottle of Tiger beer.
You could even mention a few of the items you like… Just saying :)
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