christmas fitness???

Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by GSSR_Vvd, Dec 28, 2007.

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  1. Now the festive season is upon us all. There are many applicants who are waiting to join up. For all those who are waiting, fitness needs to be kept to as high as a level as possible. What are you doing, if anything to keep the christmas bulge off?

    Me, well i have been all over the country visiting family. I started up north in a village about 40miles out of Carlisle. I had good intentions and went for a run every other day for at least 30 mins, did press ups and sit ups every day too. Then came the time to leave there and visit Birmingham. In the rush to pack and get the train i forgot my trainers!!! This has resulted in me not running for just over about two weeks now!!! Looks like i'll have to go into duracel bunny mode when i get home in Jan.

    Damm this fitness lark :rendeer:

    P.S hope everyone is enjoying their leave.
  2. er - anyone wants to go for a ride with me they are welcome :w00t:
  3. sgtpepperband

    sgtpepperband War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    GR: I take it it's not raining and windy today? :wink:
  4. no its blasted well not - the weather forecast was useless - I could have cycled in today !!! grrr
  5. Seems to me that this fitness thing is much more of a concern that it was in my day. Or, were we simply fitter by nature then?
    I don't remember it being of prime importance, neither do I remember it being crucial to the basic training.
    As I say it was not what I remember now, many moons later.
    Are the standards higher now, or are younger people less fit? It also seems to me that a lot of older people are joining. Back in my time (swings lamp) I felt old at 19 compared to some of the ex Ganges lot.
    Also, back there in the jurassic age most lads smoked. Also, we could go to the bar in Raleigh and most certainly did at Mercury.
    We also got regular shore leave, albeit tarted up in No1's and running a bit of a gauntlet down Union St.
    Just an enquiry from things I have noted on here.
  6. -No shore leave till week 8 mate - a whole 5 hours!
    -We all smoke! - well about 20 out of 60!
    -I'm 20 and I feel old, but I look at the 16 year olds and realise I wouldn't put them in charge of a bicycle let alone a war ship.

    Standards are low.

    23 press ups
    39 sit ups
    1.5 miles in 11:13

    Now I'm no runner believe me but if you can do that then you're fine.

    Just remember if you can do it comfortably - DO IT LOOKING LIKE YOU'RE GOING TO DIE! The PT staff do not take kindly to people breezing things.
  7. Quite the reverse Ben being ex Doc at HMS Temeraire the PT Branch actually think the reverse but then they would with no brains

  8. i agree with you Sussex 2 i joined in 76 and i just never thought about the fitness ,you took it in your stridei did the top of the rock race in 79 in 29 minutes and in 89 in 20 mins needless to say may be thats why i was a pompey rating
  9. The 16yr olds from Ganges had the whole discipline thing off pat; kit inspections, shoe cleaning, ironing, marching, getting up on time. They were really easy to get on with; aside from a strange way with lanyards I seem to remember, which marked out where they had come from.
    I loved cross country running, especially at Mercury where you could do more or less your own thing.
    That aside for the rest of my admittedly fairly short service I never did one atom of compulsory fitness training.
    We had a chef on the Aveley that could, just about, get out of the mess deck escape hatch, which was the only way in and out (we planned he should go last if the exit ever needed using for real).
    Cooked cracking mixed grills though :smile: which is what he was there for I suppose.
  10. I don't for one minute imagine that you lot had spent 16 years sitting on your arses eating junk food ... :rendeer:
  11. Well eating junk food and drinking CSB, I even did keep fit in San Carlos water im my anti flash beat that one
  12. for got never had to do my swimming test in San Carlos
  13. I'm too much of a lady to say it must have been the shitting yourself that did the trick mate :whew:
  14. you are right Golden we got told we going to check for mines,if we blew up we had found them caught a Argie ship 3000 tons sank it,went through fanning head got fired upon and to top it all off for 1 nights work we got topedoed by the San Louis ,but i think todays Sailior are still excellent guy they worry about fitness as much as doing there nails

    ps Golden i bet you cant guess which ship that was
  15. I've sent you a pm

  16. You have it about right sir!
    Windows open wide and up at 0700 nothwithstanding the weather, duty roster for which one of us was cooking breakfast, and beds all made, shoes polished, and a four mile walk to school.
    To be frank Navy discipline was something of a doddle compared with home as a lad.
    Solid life and rigid guidlines! With tons of love thrown in for good measure.
    I still can't fanny about all day and dislike faffing with almost the passion I hate Toyota Prius's with.
    But of course we lived in a shoe box at the end of the garden etc.....and if you tell young people today etc etc...
    Thing is it isn't bullshit and was far from unusual.
  17. Now we have cars to get to school ^~

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