Christmas Draw 2017 - CLOSES on Boxing Day


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through sober eyes or three sheets to the wind?
Somewhere in the fuzzy middle :cool:

Honestly didn't clock the Rum Ration rat before. Apart from that little thing in the corner that I never normally see, nothing else says Rum Ration anywhere.

Learn something every day :)
By a strange coincidence, that's the 21st wedding anniversary for Mrs. Skyvet and I, and without wishing to appear in any way presumptive, may I thank you in advance for your generous celebratory gift, and wish you a very happy and prosperous new year!
add another 10days and it's my 38th wedding anniversary, I could have shot her dad and been a free man years ago:(:(
boxing day one of my grandson birthdays, of ten pin bowling, used to half decent, now with knackard knees, back and thumbs thank god for kiddie bars.
just realised this is a Christmas Draw comp, I haven't drawn any yet, does it have to be Christmas or can we draw anything?


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Working in the local hospital Christmas Day and Boxing Day.
If I win anything, I will go upstairs to one of our kids wards and give it to the first parent(s) I meet.

Especially if she's single and fit.


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Competition Closed now and the winners are:

First Prize

Second Prize

Third Prize

The Bosses will be sorting out the Amazon Vouchers directly with the winners.
Happy Boxing Day from a fellow loser!
Cannot even find 1st and 3rd place prize winners still listed as members.
Oh well never mind eh? A couple of day shifts on triple time will more
than make up for not winning anything anytime ever.
Grovelling appears not to have worked (again) so I'll have to come up with a different set of tactics next year :oops:
Congrats to the winners, and best wishes for 2018 to all fellow rummers!

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