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Lantern Swinger
as we head for the silly season,i find myself not stagging on ,xmas day only the second time in 17 rs . i found myself pondering on who (if i could)would i invite to crimbo dinner .sounds daft but it amused me for 5 minutes
here goes my choice of 5.

* General Rommel
* Marliyn Monroe
* Enoch Powel
* Bobby Moore
* Field Marshel Lord Haig
Well there would have to be 2 lots of meals, for breakfast

Daniel Craig in his budgie smugglers
Damien Lewis
Sean Bean in his Sharpe outfit
George Clooney
Patrick Dempsey

Then for lunch

Eleanor of Acquitaine
Violette Zsabo
The Captain of the Titanic
Bernard Law Montgomery (Churchill is lunching with Chaz)
Hmm, good question PS!

Ray Winstone ("I've come to kill yer monstaaaaaa!")
Billie Piper
Lawrence Dallaglio (I'm not worthy!)
Oliver Hardy
Stan Laurel
Penny Smith
Elaine {cant reveal her surname , sorry}, mmmm
Bob Dylan
Alison Krauss
Bruce Springsteen
:thumright: :thumright: :thumright:


War Hero

Can't see the missus being to impressed but my candadates are:


Dont think the washing up will get done but what a hoofing p1ss up... :jocolor: :hungry: :santa:
Oh Blobbs thanks mate, I didn't know you cared :cry: sniff.
My five
Steve Earle (US Singer/Activist/Reformed Druggie- Alchie- all round bad egg)
Emma Thompson (Strange I know but I knew her back when and she has a GSOH)
Admiral Lord Horatio Nelson (He'd love Emma too!)
Christie Brinkley (I know she's too 'old' for that twat Billy Joel, but still seriously MMMMmmm for me. She can be as daft as a brush as long as she flutters those baby blues my way occasionally.)
HM the Queen so we could get the Crimbo day speech live.
Billy Connoly,
HM the Queen- (shees popular in' she?)
Airosmith (they count as one person)
Jhon Lennon
and Winston churchill, (if mr churchill is unavailabe, then the Pope will do.)
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