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Christmas day at Butlins???



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trehorn said:
Ladies and Gentlemen,

This has absolutely nothing to do with the RN or RNR however I would appreciate some help if you would be so kind.

I have been accused of being selfish by my mother in law because I refuse to eat my Christmas dinner in a dining hall with 200 other people at Butlins next year.

In my opinion Christmas day is a day for the kids to open and play with their presents and a time to spend with family at home with a traditional Christmas dinner, Christmas TV, games etc.

Earlier this year the in-laws paid for all the family (me, my fiancée, her sister, her sisters husband and all our four young children) to go to Butlins with them for a week. While the holiday was greatly appreciated, it wasn’t one that I would wish to repeat for a while. I do however appreciate that the kids thoroughly enjoyed it and my fiancée enjoyed having a holiday with all her family.

With this in mind I am quite happy to go to Butlins before or after Christmas day but refuse to deprive my children of their presents and their other grandparents and vice-versa on Christmas day. My in-laws refuse to change the day that they are going and I am now being accused of being selfish and not thinking of my fiancée and my children.

The result is a big family feud, Trehorn’s the black sheep son and brother in law and fiancée’s in tears because she’s stuck in the middle.

In my opinion I have offered them 364 days to of the year to choose from and they have offered me one block of four days, take it or leave it.

The question is - who is being selfish?

You really don't want it to become a Christmas "tradition" for your inlaws convenience Trehorn. My mother, sister and me were dragged up to stay with my dad's mother every Christmas whatever the weather and even when I was ill. The house was unheated and my sister and me had to sleep in the attic in 1950s sleeping bags on straw filled matresses dating from the 1930s!!! It was like something out of Dickens. No decorations or Xmas cards allowed. No heating. Well there were the very heavy, little iron electric fires with a stiff switch on the front, elements they glowed vaguely red and were open with no protective fireguards on them! Probably collectors items for yuppees now! Having to keep quiet. I only escaped this annual tortourous ritual when I escaped... oops, I mean when I was old enough to find a good excuse: work!

Just tell your Mother-in-Law that all holiday camps have given you nightmares since you did a spell in DQs... :twisted:
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