Christmas Box 2008

Discussion in 'Charity' started by noemis, Dec 26, 2008.

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  1. Did anyone actually get this this year, we didn't despite the hype!!
  2. Succs I?

    edited coz of beer
  3. Never saw one when I spent Christmas in the sandpit either but then we were pretty isolated in terms of location and only 16 of us. Most of this stuff tends to hit the "larger congregations". Life in a blue one I think.

  4. Hello Neomis,

    I got mine and I've been finished since October :thumright:

    You have plenty in your garage/loft/grip to make up a parcel each for the mobilised massive so stop dripping.

    regards to all the lads and of course lassies wherever you may be and I hope you eventually get your parcel. I am still missing a parcel from last year which may be on one of the ships I served on or most probably on one of the ships I didnt serve on.

    If you can find it you are most welcome to my birthday cards etc :salut:

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