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alrite guys,

im sure there must be some way of getting christmas parcels to the Royal Marines in ghanners this christmas, does anyone know if there is a charity doing this? iv had a scope on the net and only come up with ones going to Army personnel (i have nothing againts this mind! but id rather send one to a bootneck) iv heard the Royal Marines Asscoiation is doing it but a look on their site returned nothing. can anyone help?
See my post Home comforts for troops. Torbay RMA collected 5 trolley loads of essentials for our comrades (sounds commy) in Afghanistan. :D There are only 3 old soldiers able to make collections,] and we only targeted Sainsbury's Hopefully we will get a donation from them next year, couldn't get anything this year as we were late in applying. Also we have 2 more supermarkets in Newton Abbot and more in Torquay. So hopefully we will send more next year :?: We will be parceling them up on Monday and sending them off. I did get an earbending from one 'conchy' why should they donate when the Govt. gives nothing, is there no NAAFI there :?: :!: I am not sure if any other branches are doing the same :!:
:lol: :lol: :lol:
Torbay Royal Marine Association sent out in excess of 120 parcels to 42 Cdo. :D
I understand that Tavistock branch sent out over a hundred. :p How many other branches have collected :?:

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