Christmas 2018


War Hero
Good end to yesterday, 3 year old grandson, potty training, refused to wear undercarriage protection. Day rolls on he is not to well, then an attack of the screaming abdabs all over the rug, nice mess for mummy and daddy to sort out. Kids who would have them? Merry Christmas:D


War Hero
when we all used to gather, 13 of us, 6 being grandkids, it wasn't far of that pile of money wasted. I look at that and think a month in the South of France.
no spirit of Christmas there, just the spirit of commercialism
You are dead to me.


Lantern Swinger
Played Turkey Roulette again this year and managed to get a great deal at Waitrose. My bird was purchased at 4pm on Xmas eve. Virtually zero westerly winds on the big day itself also meant that I could continue with my time honoured tradition of roasting the turkey on the BBQ :cool:


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