Christman Stand Down - Australia

Discussion in 'International' started by RumCorps, Nov 18, 2008.

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  1. Sounds like a plan
  2. Fecking hell me and 'erself are on our way to the Land of the Upside Down People at this very minute. Who is going to protect visitors from the NATO area from maruading Asiatic Hordes over the Christmas. I have no doubt that Dinks in UK and Espana will have the troops on duty 24/7.

    Perhaps I can get a rebate on all the many sales/airport etc taxes I will no doubt have to pay on my arrival.

    Worried of Tunwells Bridge, Kent, England

  3. Which part of this great wide land are you heading to; for it can be quite hot and humid around January/February, especially in the northern states such as Queensland and the Northern Territory.
  4. Afraid not, Worried of Tunwells Bridge. The RAN may be having an extended make and mend over Christmas but the Australian Customs Service never sleeps.....

    Really this is all a media beat up. Thre has always been a reduced activity period over Christmas with the training establishments virtually shut down and the ships at home in a leave period. However this does not affect the ships on deployment or the patrol boats up north.

    Announcing this to the world as some sort of brand new idea is just the idea of some dropkick in Navy Office to encourage the idea that the navy is a caring, sharing employer.
  5. Leave here Monday for San Fran stop over then NZ South Island for seven days, onto Noosa Heads and Perth for Christmas with a ex RAN WOCxn submariner who trained on RN boats with me, then Singas for stop over and UK before back to Spain.

    We are use to heat Spanish summers high nineties for all July and August at least. We could have come two months earlier, before the pound collapsed, but our friends in Oz had other commitments.

    Realy lookingf forward to it last out in 2001.


    Rum Corps still looking for anyone who knew Lt Cmdr Fred Ross who retired from RAN last February and passed away one week later. We joined together on 8th Oct 1961 and he was in my class moved over to RAN in the 80's.
  6. Ah Noosa .... its in the top 1 of my favourite places in the world.

  7. The nude beach then?

    A long make and mend over Christmas? Nah, the patrolies are still working.
  8. From one end of the country Noosa to the other end of the country Perth you must like travelling.

    Still no luck in LCDR Ross.
  9. The report I read stated nothing about working over Christmas.

    It was due to the shortage 2,500 of personnel even the guard would be replaced by intruder detectors and not armed guards on ships etc.
  10. The report I read from Chief of Navy my boss :salut: says I am working over Christmas. :santa:
  11. Noooo, who's going to defend New Zealand???
  12. God - as the national anthem says. :)

  13. :laughing5: :laughing5: :thumright:
  14. Rose from Hawkes Bay said to me we do not need a defence force we have Australia! And in the same breathe I am happy none of my kids decided on a military career!! I wonder if the new Prime Minister of NZ sat in the BEEHIVE will have the same outllook as the last tawt
  15. Even our pollies are getting it wrong...hang on... have they ever got it right? :dwarf:

    In Aussie Big House today Wednesday, 26 November 2008 185/2008


    Minister for Defence Science and Personnel, the Hon. Warren Snowdon MP, today called on the Opposition to stop playing politics over National Security.

    Mr Snowdon said Shadow Defence Parliamentary Secretary, Peter Lindsay has asserted the Royal Australian Navy (RAN) will close down over summer and leave our nation unprotected.

    “The Chief of the Defence Force, the Chief of Navy and Deputy Chief of Navy have all made it clear the Christmas stand-down will not impact operations.

    “It is incredibly irresponsible to continue to mislead the public on matters as important as the security of Australia,†said Mr Snowdon.

    The stand-down is to ensure that Navy personnel who are not required on operations are able to take a meaningful period of time off.

    “It is about serving our people and serving the nation, but sadly the Opposition never managed to balance the needs of the Navy and the nation in Government and is embarrassed to see us make progress now.

    “The Opposition should know that a stand-down period is scheduled over Christmas every year. It hasn’t risked our nation’s security in the past, and making it longer won’t threaten it this year.

    “This two month respite is a retention initiative of the kind we utterly failed to see in the decade of neglect of the previous Government.

    “But even so I am surprised at the Opposition’s lack of regard for our hardworking, dedicated service personnel and their families.

    “Navy is showing the leadership I expect in demanding that its personnel are only separated from their loved ones when it is genuinely required.

    “And just to repeat, for the Opposition, our ships will continue to undertake border protection duties and meet our commitments in the Middle East Area of Operations and Australia's national security remains he first priority.â€
  16. Have you tried putting the word out Here
  17. Sometimes that site is down RC. I have asked around but no luck yet
  18. I asked a mate on the NAA site as well
  19. G'day UK and other places.

    Went to Garden Island Rockhampton, home of the RAN in Western Oz yesterday only to be met at the gate by the only RAN shore based matelot not on an enforced holiday. He was not a happy bunny being watch on stop on main gate until, February 1st 2009.

    His words were:

    "Feck orft you old fat phart, weees are all on hols until the Afters of 1st Feb too fousand an nine. The blokes on Rum Ration have warned me you may be snooping about so no you ain't coming in to nose about one of our many stood down boats. Now feck back over the causeway before I kick the shit out of yer. Wots that you say we have just lost the first test to Souf Africa now you Pommie piss taker you are in deep shit"

    Placing the present Mrs Nutty between myself and him I retired gracefully.

    Currently of Perth WA

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