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Christians and Muslims, unite and fight!


War Hero
Taken from this week's Popbitch:

>> Love thy neighbour... <<
...Unless he's in the gays

The warring religions of the world have finally
found something to unite them - gay bashing!

In Jerusalem, ultra-orthodox Jews and Muslims
have come together to try and stop a gay rights
march in the city, slated for Friday. There has
been burning barricades, stone-throwing and a
bomb bearing the words "sodomites out". Muslim
politician Tayseer Tamimi said " All religions
discredit gays because it is against the decent
human nature created by God."

And in Scotland Muslims and Christians are
spreading a little homophobia together. The
Christian People's Alliance and Muslim groups
are together "secular values" and pro-gay laws,
The CPA even has Muslim candidates standing
at the next election.

I've been following this fascinating little example of religious unity for months now. We've even had orthodox Jews calling for the extermination of gays... reminds me of Germany for some reason? So what's changed?

I liked the quote here however:
'...Tayseer Tamimi said "All religions
discredit gays because it is against the decent
human nature created by God." '

Unlike the Palastinian suicide bombers killing Jewish children perhaps? Or the decent human nature of Osama bin Ladin? Or the decent human nature of Hitler, who shared her opinions?

Phew, I'm sure glad I'm not a decent human. I'll stick to being humane Lebensunwertes Leben thanks!
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