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Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by Maxi_77, Mar 9, 2009.

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    The latest in this sorry tale of a bunch of christian missionaries trying to buck the system. The church organising this sorry bunch knew about the rules but hadn't got the paperwork done in time but still tried to get them in because they were 'christians'.

    Bunch of god bothering w*nkers, can you just imagine the outrage if they had been Muslims, but because they were christians they expect the rules to be ignored. As for the Yank complaining about immigration using discretion, when was the last time you heard of a US immigration officer displaying discretion.

    Hearing they had been barred and sent home really improved my weekend.
  2. I agree with the sentiment about them being yanks, buy we all know that if it was Muslims, they would have been allowed in.

    So the world is waking up to the fact that the UK is becoming a third world country and they need to send people to feed the refugees living in tent cities
    A bit of sunshine and some sand and you wouldn't be able to tell Somalia for the UK any longer.
  3. Lol. I understand where you coming from there but i was shocked when i found out that a friend of miune had been sleeping rough for 5 weeks coz he had no money and coulndt afford rent. Its sad but true many people are living like that in the UK.
  4. not if your polish or single mother ?
  5. Even polish and single mothers.
  6. don't for get the lets be in group lol
  7. Jesus wept why the hell do these people need to come to the UK of all places to deal with the homeless.
    All the major American cities have a terrble problem with homelessness.
    Perhaps they should just focus on the poor within their own borders first.
  8. I think it was rthe opportunity to attempt to convert some West Lothian Orangemen from being Catholic/Celtic haters to their own peculiar version of god bothering.

    As for the muslim version would the comments have been on the inside pages if 20 moslem misionaries ahd actually got in. It would have even knocked J Goody of the front page of the Scum, Wail and Torygraph.
  9. It hasn't been reported in the news alerts of either the Christian Institute or EAUK as Christian Persecution.... so they must be liberal Christians. :roll:
  10. Seems simple to me "without the proper documents", tough sh1t in my opinion, should of took more care with it, regardless of Nationality, religious belief or anything else.

    If they had the right documents they could of come in, they did'nt, so fcuk off.

  11. Baptists I believe, heard their local minister on the radio on Friday, moaning away about the poor lads being sent home then admitted they knew all about the paperwork but hadn't got it done in time.
  12. Regardless of the ''what if they had been a bunch of muslims issue''
    If i was the Immigration officer at the time and a load of smug as fukc sceptic self rightous christian fundamentalists had rocked up at my desk in Heathrow without the correct paperwork I too would have given em the big fukc off.
    This coutry is moving along just fine in realising the bible is a load of old sh1ite without these pillocks turning up and getting filled in by the natives.
  13. Bring them a box of krispy kreme's and they'll let you in..

    Made my day :D
  14. ....where is this in the UK exactly ??, any photos or stats to prove your assumptions ?, thought not. :roll:
  15. Somalia, of course! 8O


    Or perhaps Blackpool... :lol:

  17. Good on the official who sent them back we don't want those weirdos here as we have enough of our own.
  18. Hope they took those belts from them.The explosive ones.They can be set off remotely by mobile phone at the first sniff of any hanky panky .Or do they wear chastity belts? Its all very confusing.

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