Chris Huhne has threatened legal action over "untruths" told by Conservatives

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by finknottle, Apr 25, 2011.

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  1. Senior Liberal Democrat minister Chris Huhne has threatened legal action over "untruths" told by Conservatives opposed to the Alternative Vote system.
    Mr Huhne said Tory ministers backing the No campaign undermined their credibility by making false claims about the costs of introducing AV.

    BBC News

    Full Story Here:

    Whatever the outcome of the vote it will drive a massive wedge between the Lib Dems and the Tories.
  2. I agree but I think his problems is that the Tories have been economical with the true facts, out of character for politicians to do such a thing I know.

    Talking of sabres I would like to see politicians on the front line with their sabres; it might make them less eager to send our Armed Forces into more catastrophes.
  3. No matter which method is used (chicken bones) the same pile of lying, self-seekers get elected.....Who? puts them there? The voters do

    Solution.....change the voters

    What about demanding something different (Integrity, public service etc)......look around....others aspire to a better future

    The world has been mugged recently (Banks) and no +ugger went to prison...why not? Politicians?

    I'm off back to my shed
  4. The first of May influx of immigration from the EU whereby £250 a week awaits ...
  5. They are on their way as of 1st May. Give it a year or two and watch out for the referendum on the EU.
    And watch the gerrymandered population vote "YES".
  6. Politicians telling 'untruths'.....nah......pull the other one !
  7. £250 a week of our money for ne'er-do-well from Poland, Estonia, Latvia, Hungary, Lithuania, Slovakia, Slovenia and the Czech Republic, we must be mad to sit back and take this crap.

  8. There are two srories at the back of the headline.The first obvious enough is the "Yes Vote" camp think they are losing the arguement so they are seeking to undermine the "No Vote" arguement.The second is Mr Huhne fancies being LibDem leader and thinks if he speaks out saying things that he reckons Clegg should be saying it will strengthen his candidacy in any future leadership tussle.
  9. In the not too distant future I doubt if there will be a Lib Dem party to tussle over, seeing how they betrayed those who voted for them.
  10. I read somewhere that one of the major backers of the YES campaign is the company that is lined up to supply the kit that will be used for counting the votes...

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