Chris Froome Does It

Been following it and what a ride he's put in. As long as he doesn't come off his bike he should be there :)

Good weekend of sport so far
Didn't spot this...

I was actually in Paris for the last stage (not a coincidence a trip planned around it!)

Great day out, and a great winner of the Tour! Handled himself very well and was much more exciting to watch then Wiggins last year, people just like Sir Wiggo cos he dresses better and swears a lot.

Was disappointed a number of British riders for other teams didn't go though. Steve Cummings (BMC) and Alex Dowset (Movistar) being other brits that could have done well there, and I always like to see Bernie Eisel (Sky) in the Tour (He's not British though). I hope he leaves for Cavendish's team in the transfer window, they look like they need a better leader on the road.
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