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I'm about to spurt out of the New Entry sausage machine and need to settle on a branch. As well as picking up the chat in the bar, advice from here would be good as well - haven't been on the unit all that long so haven't had any formal branch briefs or anything.

In particular can you let me know advantages/disadvantages of what you do, what the deployment patterns are like in your branches, likely time to get operationally deployable, training courses etc. Warts and all pls!

I'm more inclined to the more active/practical branches, and preferably one that deploys for weeks rather than months (prof and personal reasons) - GSSR/AWFP looks most likely at the moment, though I sense that they are moving towards the longer tours?

Plus would be useful to have a steer on some of the changes going on - is mine warfare coming or going/which branches are open to me as a rating/is seamanship coming back etc?

Apols if there is another thread that compares branches - if so just point me towards it...



Re: Branches - can't see the wood for the trees (sorry ;-)

Minewarfare is a sub specialisation of AWFP. You can enter the "stream" at senior AB level, say 5 years. It does short deployments on ex, 2 weeks at a time.
However; you are still part of the AWFP structure and will be required to answer mobilisation for that. This is fairly likely.
It is my impression that logs, MTO are similar.
Wait for your input from the branches before deciding, ask the AB's and killicks for it straight; they will tell you, warts and all.
If you decide you have chosen wrongly, don't just wander off. Branch change and give it another go.
Does anyone know anything about the RNR Underwater Force Protection Branch that has recently been formed? I understand the basics although am unsure what quals you require etc, etc.


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I've seen the draft Temporary Memorandum, but was not aware it was approved or indeed issued yet.

From the draft it indicates that PADI & BSAC qualifications are basic requirements, but the draft did not stipulate what level.

I stress that I don't think it's actually in place yet, but is still under consideration.
Saw it on the net, under the RNR/Branches section. I know why their doing it; because they have stupidly dissolved ship's divers (bar boats). I find it amazing that pussers grey's do not have a dive team.

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