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Discussion in 'Royal Naval Reserve (RNR)' started by dunkers, May 18, 2006.

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  1. The time has come in my RNR new entry training for me to choose a branch... GSSR, Logs or MTO. I've had the usual "branch aquaint" night where all 3 branches have given a presentation on what they do but I'm wondering if anyone can tell me about their own experiences in any of the branches?

    Currently I'm thinking about going MTO (NCAGS), mainly because it sounds like fun and there's lots of travelling opportunities. I reckon I'll only be in the RNR for 3-4 years (hopefully going full time RN after that), and I understand the first 2 or so years of GSSR are nothing much more than SPO duties so that's a bit off putting. I hear that in the logs branch, 6 month deployments are not uncommon, but I'm going to uni so that might be a bit inconvenient.

    But I've still not made my mind up for certain, and would be very grateful to hear your advice/dits on what it's like. What do you do on a drill night? Do you get the chance to go away someplace often? What have you been up to on deployments? etc. Cheers :lol:
  2. Well, there are a fair few people that go through the RNR on their way to the RN. This is recognised. We need need people at the junior level at the moment and if we can get a couple of years out of them fair play.

    Mobilisations at the moment or on a volunteer basis, and until you've completed specialisation training then you will not be even considered, so I wouldn't worry unduly about the 6 months figure (which isn't limited to Logs incidentally).
  3. They won't mobilise a student Dunkers. It's not that they can't but it's very rare even for the TA during Telic 1 (unless you want to go).

    MTO won't be too bad. They seem to be getting their act togther. The SO3 at Collingwood seems to have put something concrete in place and the regional training seems to be kicking off. It's all good.

    SPO does do a fair chunk of Group4, but then again you will get to run about in boats and play with guns. Since they borrowed much of their architecture and trainers from the old seaman specs, they do more in unit (depending on where you are) than some branches.

    What are you thinking of doing in the RN?

  4. Thanks for your help guys. In the RN I'm thinking of Engineering (Info Specialist) or Warfare (submarine).

    Jim - it's not a case of "taking someone's billet", they're desperate for recruits just now. My RNR unit alone has, alledgedly, lost 500 of its strength in the last 20 years - it's not like there's competition for places in a branch. For the record, the skipper is reasonably encouraging about RNR guys going on to join the RN. Being useful to them for a few years is better than nothing.

    What happens on a drill night upon joining a branch is still a bit of a mystery to me. I assume we do branch training but there seems to be a lot of courses for that. What happens?
  5. If that's the case you might want to consider CIS as well.

    On a drill night, it depends on the unit, some do NMT type stuff others still seem to do branch training.
  6. Sorry I'm not sure what CIS and NMT stands for?

    And thanks C_M I will bear that in mind (ref. the contact details).
  7. Comms and Information Systems
    Naval and Military Training
  8. FlagWagger

    FlagWagger Book Reviewer

    CIS is not currently "open" for business for people leaving NE unless they have very strong civvy IS skills (and given the original poster is talking about 3-4 yrs RNR before RN while at uni, I doubt that he/she will have the depth of commercial IT/IS that would be required).

  9. Topic now split, no more recruitment and rention in this thread.
  10. I am in GSSR and looking to join Loggies branch, I wanted to join that branch when i went from New Entry to Branch, however I haven't passed my driving test and so couldn't do so. Annoying because you get told different things from different people. My driving test is next month and so when I pass that I am going to put in a transfer to Loggies.
  11. There's a 16 yo guy in my unit going from NE to logistics; he can't drive... I didn't know you had to be able to?
  12. yeah, driving licence is now manditory. But the six month deployment is misleading.....that's a maximum and only when you've reached trained strength (on average) 12 - 18 months downstream. The rosta pool does not affect your call up, it just makes it easier for the brass to organise us. 8). the only thing we might have problems delivering is a baby.....and we'd give that a go if they gave us a forwarding address 8O :twisted:
  13. Being ironic, it doesn't matter what branch you choose - it'll probably change role or disband before you're trained anyway :lol: .

    Seriously though, I'd look at each branch, think about whether you'd enjoy it and whether it would be a good basis for your RN career. If you want to go into the engineering branches, then none of the RNR branches will help, but I would say the GSSR branch will at least give you some experience of the sort of stuff you'd have to do on duty watch :roll: .

    Some folks think that GSSR is just being stood on the gangway trying not to look bored, but there's more to it than that, and it can be quite rewarding although the blanket stackers and co might like to convince you otherwise :)
  14. don't need convincing bunnyj, you ought to hear the drips if you don't get your mail! :lol: :lol:
  15. Seriously - what does GSSR involve? From what I hear it's nothing much more than SPO teams (for the first couple of years at least) and an excessive amount of training courses. Would be interested to hear what it's really like.

    The thought of sitting on a gangway, SA80 in hand, for an entire deployment doesn't sound that enticing...
  16. Jesse, you almost got upset then didn't you!! :lol: You know we all love loggies - especially when we need some more kit :wink:

    But seriously dunkers, I'm surprised no-one has explained the branches to you at your unit. Yes the main role of GSSR is SPO, but personally I've spent very little time doing SPO. Yes you do the training, and yes that's the primary role but you also need to do seamanship, which includes boats, helm type stuff, RAS, I also understand AIR233 is stil required (aircraft deck handling). The gen now is that GSSR will be GPMG trained and maybe minigun. The list goes on. Don't believe other branches when they tell you GSSR is SPO and no more. They're just trying to entice you into the stores!!

    Also, and I don't know how true this is, but I did hear a dit that GSSR were going to be used for SPO afloat, but I've heard that the other branches (loggies included) will also be weapon trained and used for ashore security. So either way you won't avoid it.

    But at the end of the day we're all loyal to our own branches, so we're all going to think ours is the best. The best way to decide is to get in your mess, and chat to your mess mates. If you still can't decide, listen to who drips the least and go in their branch. If things don't work out you can always transfer.

    I still reckon that if you're going in the mob full time though, GSSR is going to give you the best all round experience.

    But as a final, sobering point, remember this. When GSSR first got formed out of the old seaman branch, the other branches all took the p***. Then Minewarfare got roped into GSSR, then Comms closely followed by the Medics. Since GSSR is known to require masses of manpower in the next few years, can you be sure that the remaining branches will not end up in GSSR for thought. :roll:
  17. Already GPMG trained.

    Lovely 9 day course, Monday to Friday weekend off then Monday and Tuesday.

    Went out of date almost straight away as you are supposed to do a live firing within one month of finishing the course... Not very useful when it only gets fired at sea in the RN, but still the course was good crack and I met up with a former pash so dib in!!
  18. trying not to get upset :lol: 8) The reason why allloggies are now to be sa80 qualified is that we (and the MTO - I think) are going places where going unarmed and unprepared is not your best idea.......but probably your last. :wink:
    yes the GSSR was drifting, it now seems you guys/girls are begining to find your role within the fleet, lets hope they don't move the goal posts again...... :twisted: been there done that, thrown the wobbler....... :wink:
  19. Listen to 'im! :lol: Don't believe everything you're told. When I think back on some of the duff gen we were told by quite senior people, man I never believe anything now until it happens. We had our role in the fleet before and we did it so well, the mob realised what they were missing and decided they wanted their own seamen again. That's why GSSR was invented, to find a new job for us. If it hadn't been for Telic I think we'd still be guessing. :roll: If we do a good enough job at SPO maybe the RN will do the same again and we can all retrain again.

    You know deep down that once you're weapon trained, there's nothing stopping pusser from using you guys for SPO duties if the brown stuff hits the fan - especially with the current GSSR shortfall. All it takes is a weeks SPO course on top of your 518, then you're trained matey. :twisted: :D :D

    Bottom line mate - don't be too good at your job else you'll do yourself out of it. :wink: And check your PMs........... :wink:
  20. How many people selected for OPTELIC had done the SPO team members course at that time...not many.....the key phrase used throughout mobilisation was flexibility...anyone in any other branch than GSSR thinks when it comes to the crunch in the future that they cant be used for SPO is obviously taking a walk down the yellow brick road...with a scarecrow, cowardly lion and tin man....get real!!!!!!

    It takes no more than a week to 10 days to get you qualified for SPO!!.

    Bearing in mind fleet requirement is what 31 teams!! and the brass admit they could only muster maybe 15 at best....theres plenty of spaces to fill!!!

    Take note!

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