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Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by clyde1998, Jun 9, 2014.

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  1. ok so I've taken my taken my [FONT=Whitney SSm A, Whitney SSm B, Arial, sans-serif]recruitment test, and got a very good result, so am not restricted in choice of role, I have watched the DVDs, read the books etc, and decided on a Warfare specialist, but now people I talk to say its not a great job, I really like to be challenged and always be learning, so I thought maybe you guys could give me your thoughts, I am currently on the waiting list for warfare specialist, and don't mind waiting for the right role, so I really look forward to you help.

    Also a role which would help me when my service ends, I know thats a very long time away, I have to be honest i really dont think Id like the engineering side.

  2. Hi,

    Take a look at the branches and ask yourself - after say 22 years as this how will I be able to adapt what I have learned to civvie street?
    The supply and secretariat Branch (I'm not calling it Logistics) are all transferrable skills and there is likely to be a market for Administrators, Chefs, Store staff and Stewards for a long time.
    Medics will always be needed, the branch allows those who want to work with the Royals to apply, but outside Paramedics can do well.

    What do you like doing (apart from beer, fags and loose women) ? If you don't have an engineering inclination then avoid that. Are you working at the moment - how adaptable are the skills you have in that?

    You will be happier doing something that you are interested in, and I think everyone here would say go for promotion / advancement as quickly as you can. If you leave before you've done 22 and have achieved advancement then you are more marketable to a future employer and likely to be paid better than someone who has sat fat, dumb and happy for their career.

    Good luck.

  3. Many will tell you that you are joining the navy and think about what you can give it.
    However joining the navy is a two way street, you give to it and the RN gives to you.
    Remember at some time you are going to return to civie street.
    My advice to you is to think about what you enjoy doing and see if the RN has a trade that can apply these skills to.
    Then step back and see what use these skills will be to a civilian employer.
    Now I don't know what skills a Warfare specialist obtains but I do know that there are not many employers looking at going to war (stand fast British Aerospace).
    Other trades are dsfinitely very transferable.
    Cooks, Store keepers and even stewards. The technical trades Marine engineering, weapons electrical, AETs gain skills and qualifications recognised by civie firms.
    Aircraft Handlers often find positions at airports and fire stations, plus if you get your HGV plenty of driving work.
    So think very carefully about what you wish to do in the RN, do not opt for the trade which has the shortes waiting time.
  4. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    The current wait for WS is 24 months.

    If you are bright & have a couple of GCSE's the current "trendy" branch is Aircrewman, but fewer than 10% pass FATs. Failing that a technical trade or Diver offer the most transferable skills & qualifications with decent civilian earning potential.
  5. As Ninja says, if the bold bit is really true then Aircrewman is a very challenging branch for many reasons, Getting through the medical being one.

    AET or a mechanical trade would to me provide more of a challenge. End of the day - your choice. Good luck in whatever you decide upon.
  6. Thanks everyone for your help, I'm just finishing my GCSEs now I'm predicted a* in maths, English, physics, and A and Bs in the other subjects so I've signed up for a levels but really would love to join the navy, and like I said I really don't mind waiting as I'll do the A levels while I wait.

    I've just read up on air crewman and it does sound really interesting, and it seems maths is used in this so is ideal, especially as you say it is transferable after.

    I will phone tomorrow and ask for my application to be changed.

    Also will read up on some of the technical roles to fall back on if I'm unsuccessful, I really appreciate all your advise, my grandfather was in the navy he did the full 22 years severed on the ark royal quite a lot of the time, he ended up in collingwood training, sadly he passed away 2 years ago so I wasn't able to discuss this all with him.

    I'm sure I'll be back asking more advise.
  7. Only 1 A* at GCSE? Kids these days...

    Only jesting congrats on your predicted results! I am sure your AFCO would be happy to go through your options in a little more depth if you are unsure- just give you a bit more information on the ones you are thinking about and stuff before you go ahead with changing your app? :)

    Sorry to hear about your grandad, I am sure he would be proud of your future adventures on the high seas though. All the best for your application in whichever trade you opt for.
  8. Regards the aircrewmans skills being transferable!!!

    Not so, in realistic terms. Yes there are jobs, SAR paramedics etc. But as I found, few jobs with many applicants.
    Ask yourself when was the sat time you saw a job advert asking for Sonar qualified aircrew.

    Don't wish to paint a dark picture but it is only fair that your rose tinted glasses have a smattering of truth.

    That said, I trained as a airline operations manager after leaving the RN after 15 years as an aircrewman. The skills learned were most helpful in gang me my qualifications. (All I needed was no recession and a job opportunity).

    Aircrewman is one of the most rewarding jobs I believe the Royal Navy has to offer. It isn't easy and will test you academically and physically. As well as the already mentioned medical, you will have to go through several selection processes. Many courses, survival, flying aptitudes etc. You may find yourself working as part of a team of other aircrewman or working alone on a single aircraft flight. When I say alone, the only rating out of a crew of officers. Your attitude and character will carry you through.

    Now you can join as a direct entry aircrewman, I had to transfer having joined the RN as an aircraft mechanic. AET in new money. If it is what you feel you want to do I would discuss it first with a career advisor. Look at all your options. What if you fail aircrew selection - what happens then. Get the answers before you throw your hat firmly in the ring.

    Again, good luck.
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  9. Great thanks guys, I have asked the career advisor but he doesn't really help much he just says read the book watch the DVD, then I talk to people in the navy I know and they say don't go for warfare specialist it's really boring, you'll spend hours washing the decks down and then no job when you come out, he's a medic by the way.

    So that's why I thought to ask here so you could give me all your opinions, which have been really helpful, I think I'll go over to the office and have a chat again.
  10. Best tip shippers.

    Don't get talked into something YOU don't want to do. It's your life - you do what you want to do and don't get pressured into taking a trade you don't really want just because the waiting time is less. Once your tied to a particular branch I think you may find it harder to transfer out of.

    Take your time, ask questions. Do some research and go armed with serious questions.
  11. Which A-Levels have you signed up for BTW??
  12. I've signed up for maths (use of)
    Modern history
    English lit
  13. I will probably be castrated for saying this.
    Anyone with decent GCSE levels and a couple of A levels will be wasting their education signing up as Warfare.
    Try for one of the branches which require higher entry requirements.
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  14. This doesn't post doesn' t sound right to me
  15. I was under the impression that you are not told your RT score just that you passed or failed. Also that you had to pick what branch of RN you wanted to go into before your RT. As the RD test was weighted towards what branch you wanted
  16. exJenny

    exJenny War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    What do you mean by "weighted towards what branch"?

    Just the thoughts of a blonde ex-wren. Don't blame me if it all goes tits up.
  17. Was under the impression may have been misinformed. That dependant upon on what branch you were applying for. As you have to state what branch you are on application form. That part of the RT test was then and more towards the branch of your choice. As say may have been misinformed.
    Also my understanding was that you choose the branch you wanted to go into before RT not after. But as say I may have been misinformed.
  18. exJenny

    exJenny War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    As I understand it, and I standby to be corrected by Ninja, there are 3 different papers available for the RT. All those wishing to join the RN or RFA will sit the RT and be given whichever version of the paper is allocated to their test slot. It is not branch specific.

    Just the thoughts of a blonde ex-wren. Don't blame me if it all goes tits up.
  19. May have been misinformed. Thought when you apply you have to state what branch you want to join on the application form.
    Part of the RT test was was more towards the branch of you were applying to enter into.

    As say may have been misinformed.

    Also my understanding as I have said above that you choose the branch you want to go into before RT not after. But as say I may have been misinformed.
  20. exJenny

    exJenny War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    You would have a chosen branch prior to sitting the RT. If you achieved the required pass mark for that branch then happy days. If you failed to achieve a high enough score then other branches with lower pass marks maybe offered to you. If you got a result above that of the branch with highest pass mark, CT, you could change your mind and go for any branch.

    Just the thoughts of a blonde ex-wren. Don't blame me if it all goes tits up.

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