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Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by Matt1993, Aug 27, 2014.

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  1. When I was going through the process iw as told that at some point I will be able to put a request in for the ship I would like to be posted on. Couple of questions; how true is this? at what point will I be to make this choice and finally, what are the chances of me getting my first choice given that I will probably request a Type 45... who wouldnt!?

  2. Not me, no room for Harriers!

    I believe you request your draft prior to completing training. The old days it was a piece of paper that could get lost. I believe it's now on JPA, unless you want STC?

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  3. Your option is taken into consideration but the needs of the service etc. You would normally put in the request during Phase 2 but it's in the lap of the gods TBH although married personnel go to the top of the list I believe.

    I put in for a Pompey based frigate going to the West Indies, I got a Guzz based carrier which eventually went there.

    My second sea draft I asked for a Guzz based frigate going to the Far East, I got boats and never went to the Fez during my whole career but got every sea draft I asked for once I was on boats.

    As I say, it's all about bums on seats.
  4. thanks guys :)
  5. When I passed out of phase 3 training we had a bunch of ships on paper and told to choose them amongst ourselves - that happened at nozzer level right upto PO

    But stick it on JPA and you never know your luck but as stated its always needs of the service and where they need you
  6. Honestly, for me one of the most exciting parts would be not knowing where you're going.
  7. JCT

    JCT Badgeman

    So if you join as GS, is there a chance you could be sent boats anyway?
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  8. If you are a fleet Air Arm rating then your future will be decided by WuTube.
    Using a complex mathematical computer model your details will be fed in by a senior rate after he has been on a Friday afternoon D.T.S.:)
    The program complex as it is will match you to both the best oprion for you and the worst.
    The best option will then be ditched and you will get your last choice.
    This is not guaranteed, a few slip through the net and get first choice, do not rejoice a crash draft will be issued if drafty finds out:(
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  9. My shore preferences out of training were Scotland, London and Pompey in that order, I was sent to zummerzet, 1st ship preference 42s Rosyth based, or any Pompey based ship, I got a 22 out of guz - guz was my place to avoid, next draft was to a 42 out of Rosyth, then shore side in porridge land, at this point I got wed, and being a scribes I was looking at a nice long shore draft, but no drafty in their infinite wisdom decided I would like a 23 - I did not want a fckuing 23!!!!! But the real kick in the balls on this one was my oppo (another scribes, we joined up within a week of each other) who had not got married and wanted to get back to sea was told he would be shoreside for up to 5 YEARS, then another scribes of our acquaint (again similar amount of time served) got married and he got handed a sea draft within weeks of the wedding ceremony.

    Drafty, you have to love em don't you?
  10. My! You really did upset Drafty didn't you!

    Think I got pretty well everything I asked for ship wise except the final draft ... Decrepid when I wanted another 42 ... turned out OK as it meant going back to the States / Windies (again) and the only 42 was due to alongside in Guz for eons!
  11. Not sure how though?

    Although the 22 (Battleaxe) was not a preference draft, it was not a bad draft, good deployment, only slightly fcuked up by Sadam kicking off.
  12. The odds of that happening are pretty much negligble these days, we're struggling to man the ships, let alone rob manpower to man the boats!

    Had a preferance draft as a trainee submariner, got PMU'd from sub service and never had a preferance draft since. Area to avoid is the south west and all I seem to get is Culdrose, Guzz or Barnstaple. All I was is Pompey or Fazzers.

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