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Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by Gazza82, Jul 5, 2007.

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  1. Hey folks
    me again lol
    This might sound like a stupid question but its goin through my head a lot the last few days and cant find the answer on here.
    As a Seaman Specialist can you choose a ship or do you just get put on any ship?

    In advance
    Thanks for your help :thumright: :thanks:
  2. sgtpepperband

    sgtpepperband War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    You go where the Andrew needs you, young fella me lad! :munky2:
  3. The Star Ferry in Hong Kong is undermannned. Standby for a draft chit.
  4. Have a gander Here mate.

    This will answer ALL your answers!!!
  5. It may even answer all your QUESTIONS "Hic" !
  6. I think that with the amount of ships that we're going to end up with, you may well be able to choose yer ship!!! Or fight over who's going to get what!!
  7. So what they are saying Gazza is you can put down your preference of which ship or home port you would prefer.

    But obviously the needs of the Service come first, so if your choice doesn't match their needs - unlucky for you.

    I'm presuming it hasn't changed - but you used to get a chit asking what you would like.

    The grey ones go on the water, the black ones underneath - that's all I know. (Unless something goes wrong).
  8. SS-SS

    It is a simple de-construction programme to turn a surface unit into a submarine but you can only do it ONCE.

  9. Do not go below 20,000 tonnes and you will be fine
  10. You'll get plenty of sea time on the Gosport ferry!
  11. Oh dear, I do apologise [​IMG]
  12. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    Burp, duzz'n matter mate, throw another tinnie on the barby! :drunken:
  13. It was the third bottle of red your honour!
    The first two went down a treat :)
  14. Thanks for all the help lads :)

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