Discussion in 'Health & Fitness' started by golden_rivet, Nov 14, 2010.

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  1. Anyone able to advise on how long after starting a vegan diet I should wait before having a cholesterol test? Is six weeks long enough to notice the difference?


  2. Just as a matter of interest, what prompted you to become a vegan?
  3. You dont need to go veggie to lower your cholestoral just eat sensibly
  4. Sure Soleil - my GP felt the level was too high and was keen for me to take statins. I said I was keen to try modifying my diet forst so he said well eat more oily fish. In retrospect he wasn't very encouraging but I went away and ate a bit less fat and more fish but not in a massively consistent way I will admit. 3 months later practically no change so the GP pushes me to take statins. I went away and thought about this for a while and realised that I wasn't keen to just take a pill which would do the job and would discourage me in fact from making more "lifestyle" changes on the grounds that the pill would do the job for me. I might even eat more things that weren't that good for me on the grounds that the pill would do the work for me. Anyway browsing around the net I found this vegan diet and as I was a veggie for about 15 years or so I thought I'd give it a try. I must say that after 10 days I feel great. I'd found that my ankles were a bit swollen occasionally before I started the diet and I've seen an improvement in this. Anyway it's very very early days yet and I'd be keen to share my experiences on this subject if anyone else is interested. GPs are very keen for us to take statins (if needed of course) so it is an issue that many people are dealing with.

    Over to you ...
  5. Whilst I am no fan of a vegan diet, I do think that chemicals are too readily pushed as the only way by some physicians, when they are simply the easiest (for them, that is). Do, however, be very wary of web-advice, as some is dangerously inaccurate.
  6. Porridge - Oats are one of the best foods to not only lower cholestrol, but they actually remove it.

    Not how the jocks have it with salt though, that knocks out the benefits by increasing your chance of a heart attack.
  7. After my heart attack my GP suggested various lifestyle changes/diet etc. And it did have an effect, but not significant enough. My cholesteral was still 5-6 on the richter scale. I've been on statins for a few years now, no significant side effects, cholesterol now 3.3.
    As an aside, when my GP first diagnosed high blood pressure, I said I could manage it with lifestyle changes and refused pills. If I'd hadn't tried to be so macho, and taken the pills.... maybe I wouldn't have had the heart attack...... just a thought.
  8. I decided on a meat free life app two and a half years ago. Few weeks back the cardio informed me my cholesterol was very low which is fine, before the meat free diet it was high.

    Breakfast it is porridge and honey with one banana chopped up and more often than not two boiled eggs on toast. That normally keeps me going all day unless we are in the vicinity of the homestead and offerings of jam doughnuts are thrown upon me which is refused all the times I could have killed for ring doughnuts years ago. If you go meat free say nothing offerings of taking you out for a full English/Irish breakfast will come along on a regular basis. Just remember the kitchen sink being blocked up with all that fat, for sink read veins.

    Having a meat free diet is not eat a lettuce leaf or chew on a carrot plenty of delicious meals out there, Singapore Prawn Laska is fave at the moment Asda do a nice one, serve it on a bed of rice with Nan Bread, we are brought up from children that we must eat meat or we will die. My father died at 43yrs of age of coronary thrombosis could have been meat or smoking or a combination of both.

    Quote from a friend over here in Ireland "They do say you need a bit of meat in your diet" Who do the local butcher!!
  9. Following my heart attack and subsequent angioplasty and half a dozen pills each day.... an Irish friend of mine said 'Tank heavens for modern medicine.....if you'd been born 50 years earlier... you'd be dead by now'
    Good old Irish logic !
  10. The doc said take no notice what the nurse said about your blood pressure you are fine. One aneurysm and brain operation later and seven tablets in the morning one at 1800hrs and two at midnight things are fine.

    Not forgetting the time of the blinding headache and being told by the hospital your blood pressure is high, go home now but if you think you are having another brain haemorrhage do come back quickly. Say you have a nice day now do you hear!!
  11. Sounds like an episode of Holby City..... not that I watch it of course.... wife does. :oops:
  12. Also beware of going onto a veggie/vegan diet as you will remove some dietary requirements which will need replacing. I used a variety of pulses and grains, some veg and many bland and boring dishes. Also, you may not know that there is a sort of "Good" cholestrol which needs to be maintained. Please make sure that in lowering your cholestrol you don't cause damage to yourself. Better check with stores to, to see if they have a vegan leather substitute boots and shoes. 8)
  13. Which is why Statins are a good idea, they only knock out the bad stuff that your kidneys make at night.
  14. Liver.
  15. Oops - sorry yes, liver. I should have remembered as I've been on statins for about 5 years.

    Perhaps it was something to do with the pie I had.
  16. Been on statins a long time now and had no problems I tell the Doc I always eat meat every day and drink a pint of full cream milk every day.Score has been 4.1 for the last few years so i reckon they are good.
    They are also now being claimed as the reason terminal cancer has been arrested in some cases.
    Mine being one of them,seven years ago I was given a year max,i just kept doing what I did and ignored most of it.
    Now the Consultant says it may be the statins that kept the aggressive Prostate cancer at bay but my score is now 0.2 from a PSA score of 40!
    Unless I had the same consultant as the Lockerbie bomber!
    I'll just stick to statins,they say it's the new wonder drug,maybe it is.
  17. On the bright side, 50% don't get to make any lifestyle changes. :D
    Keep taking the pill.
  18. I started drinking the ASDA cholestorol drinks and they got my score down very nicely thank you much. I didnt change my eating habits at all with the exception of having one of these drinks first thing in the morning.
  19. Anecdote: one person's experience which is not necessarily applicable to the wider population and may be subject to placebo effect (eg. "I feel better since starting a vegan diet".

    If you were already a veggie I can't see how becoming vegan is going to lower your cholesterol significantly. I think you are falsely reassuring yourself if you think you are better.

    Statins are not innocent drugs - like all medications they have side effects. However, recent improvements in the numbers of those suffering angina and heart attacks are largely down to early and aggressive management of blood pressure and cholesterol. Most over 50s (and possibly some under 50s) should probably take a statin.

    It is your decision ultimately, but you should be aware that trying fad diets (which are not proven to do anything to your cholesterol or risk of a cardiac event) is leaving you more at risk of problems than doing what the clinical evidence suggests (ie - taking a statin or other cholesterol-lowering agent).

    To answer your question, I don't think it matters when you re-do the blood test - you were already eating a low cholesterol diet and I don't think this will have changed much since becoming vegan.

    On an aside, the human race didn't evolve to where it is today by not eating meat.

  20. Thanks folks some helpful tips here.

    Just for clarification I had been veggie in the past so the idea of taking it up again with some extra tweaks wasn't all that mind-boggling. I gave it up about 10 years ago. I must confess I wasn't at that time particularly bothering about the issue of eating a low fat diet.

    Another issue is exercise and its role in increasing "good" cholesterol. This is very interesting. I take a fair bit of exercise but some of that (cycling and walking) depends on the weather a bit. The last two winters I've only managed to keep up my yoga class and now my teacher has moved to Westo - land so I'm looking for another class.

    Keeping on walking

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