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On leaving the forces last year I was looking at moving into Security and going that way. There are certainly many avenues to explore especially if you are prepared to think out of the box. Most of my peer group who joined in the 80's have made simular career choices. However due to a number of reasons I have ended up in an IT security role that has brought me back in a full circle as I am now working alongside guys from across the services.
If there is anyone out there who is still trying to decide on what route to go down it is certainly worth looking at the IT side of things. If you want any advise on this subject or if you would like to know what courses I attended and how I landed a job in the Defence Industry I would be more than happy to have a chat.

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One thing that I have found is that the most important tool in civi street is people networking. Getting as many contacts in as many differant areas as possible will bring great rewards, even when you least expect it!

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I'd agree with the point about networking as an important part of finding a job and making progress in the outside world.


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Welcome to the dark side of the IT world , Its about time there were some more Matelots around in what is a crab dominated field. :w00t:

Talking of networking, you off too InfoSec this year?


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Re: Choices for Ressettlement - Civi Street - Open discussi

Ohhh ohhh ohhh, I recommend what's said about working in IT Security ;)

Crypto, I'd be interested to hear what courses you felt helped you. The general consensus I'm getting is that you should be doing your SANS courses, CISP and S+ with at least 2 years experience as an absolute minimum to break into the civvy side of IT Security. I got chatting to an ex-pongo last year on exercise who was working for Symantec and he reckoned that CISP and Prince2 was the way ahead. The mob side is slowly (and I mean slowly) going more tri-service to include matelots.
I have just today finished the Security+ course (and last year did the A+ & Network+ courses) but alas although the mob is happy to send us on the courses (even though some of them were the accelerated courses) they won't pay for the exams, so all I got out of them were certificates of attendance/completion. A fortnight ago I also did an ITSO course, and I was interested in ethical hacking and penetration testing but unfortunately I have no experience so most of the courses will not do me much good and I'm so far behind the curve compared to most of the people I would be competing against I'm unlikely to obtain any employment should I try to get into the IT security industry.

It's true the the crabs have been at the forefront of IT and the RN is starting to make some progress in this area, but with 10 months left in the mob it's a wee bit too late for me to get any experience now.
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Hi Dan,

I was really heartened to read your email as I love to hear success stories of military personnel finding a job when they leave. And yes, as a leaver myself currently undertaking resettlement, I completely agree that networking is vital. I set up a business to help Service leavers find employment when they leave and have a forum which goes live on 1 Sep 08 which your views would be most welcome on.

Don't give up guys, there are jobs out there! If you want a hand looking, email your CV to me at [email protected] or visit the site at We match your skills and expereince and it is not always esssential to go out there and get more as don't forget you have your enhanced learning credits to use even once you have left, which is a great selling point to a potential employer! And you probably have the right experience withough attending a weeks course.
Good luck out there!
Checking that website there are no current roles being shown, so it's worth being aware of persec should anyone want to divulge their personal information to this organisation.
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Thanks for rasing your concern over Persec. Armed Forces World, although not showing any listings as yet due to the website launch 1 Sep 08, is taking CV's now for matching.

From a Persec perspective, we are registered with the both the ICO (Information Commissioner's Office) and comply with the Data Protection Act 1988. All personal details are kept securely and responsibly iaw this Act and no information is passed to another party without the permission of the applicant. And this would only be required when passing on to an employer to which the applicant wishes to apply for a job vacancy.

I hope this assures you and any other users. Unlike many recruitment agencies, we do not use any other parties to conduct our searches and therefore you recieve a very personal service and will only be contacted by us once registered. And of course, you can opt to unregister at any time. We will also be supporting Serving perosnnel throughout thier time in the military with offers and advice/info.

Thank you,
Kind regards,
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The privacy policy link on the site doesn't work, and you probably want to identify the ICO endorsement on it as well.

I'm assuming that you're a Private Limited Company, so your registration details should be visible on the website as well. Have you set up yourself or have you used an agency to set up the firm for you? All that information should be available to you, and it's certinly in the informaiton available from Companies House, HMRC and Business Link, all of which provide some very good advice. In particular Busines Link can provide you with some assistance and advice around marketing.

I'm sure any further advertising on this site can be done by reaching a mutually agreeable relationship with the COs ;)
Re: Choices for Ressettlement - Civi Street - Open discussi

Thank you Karma I appreciate your advice and will indeed contact the CO's regarding advertising.

Kind regards,
Tatty at Armed Forces World

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