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Discussion in 'Submariners' started by sceadugenga, Nov 27, 2009.

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  1. All Warfare branch.. tactical, sensors and comms..
    The AFCO leaflets are no use whatsoever.
    Does anyone have any gen on them?
    I'm into my computers and all that I.T jazz..But can anyone shed some light on them beyond the official line which seems to be 'tell em nothing'!

    (I was also looking at Hydrography and Oceanography as another option)..


  2. Not on Boats you`re not :? why is this on the Submarines thread?
  3. I know it's not an option on submarines it was a personal consideration of mine.

    The reason I put it on this thread is because I'm after Submarine specific gen on the Warfare branch. Just general trade impressions... The Hydrography was something else I was considering but clearly not with regards Submarines...

    EDITED TO SAY : If a Mod comes across this, maybe it's better placed in the Newbies forum, I don't want to double post a thread.
  4. Post where you like shippers the mods on here are non existant!!
  5. This is same thing I'm trying to find out, as Warfare Specialist Sensors and Warfare Specialist Tactical as they both sound very similar on the website and AFCO leaflets
  6. In a very broad nutshell. Sensors are sonar operators who detect and anylyse all contacts, surface and sub surface. Tactical ratings operate the SMCS system which projects an over view of where all the contacts are, headings, depth etc and both are issued with scotchbrites and buckets
  7. just depends on your preference of cleaning 1 deck or 2 deck
  8. If you want work in computers and 'all that IT jazz', why don't you go here...

    IT Jobs

    I doubt you'll get the satisfaction you seek of working in IT whilst serving in the's just not the same as civvy steet.
  9. Mainly because the majority of the jobs seem to require degrees and I'm lacking those.

    Anyway they are bidding for me to join as an Communications technician.

    I'm just quite happy they passed me for everything...
  10. Comms tech? You don't have a degree but you must have some form of good exam results...anyway I'm not sure if CT's work much in you intend going in as Linguist or Analyst?
  11. Or just a cunning linguist?
  12. Lol, definitely the latter!

    I'm leaning towards linguist but not decided which way I'll go yet.

    Yeah I have a couple of A-levels in slightly more academic subjects. and my test scored fairly well.

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