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Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by RoofRat, Jun 7, 2007.

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  1. Times.

  2. Guardian

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  3. Telegraph.

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  4. Independent.

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  5. Mail.

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  6. Express

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  7. Mirror

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  1. There seems to be a lot of bias against the newspapers that certain individuals on here,choose to read. In particular, against the Mail readership.
    What is is it that causes you to dislike certain newspapers points of view?
  2. I don’t have anything against the Mail at all but the Sun aka ‘the scum’ I do. They seem to support the Mob one minute and turn their backs, stabbing knifes in the next. Their journalism is something to laugh about, full of ‘what ifs’ ‘maybes’ and such. Plus their Journos have a habit of crawling on here and feeding what is said into the papers without double checking it and then quoting it as an ‘official source’……….stupid people.
  3. I have nothing against Wail readers, though I am sometimes surprised at what they choose to believe, but the people who put the stuff in that periodical do have an unpleasant agenda and do distort many of the stories they tell. To be honest though most of the papers do this but few with perhaps the exception of the Scum have raised the level of distortion to the heights the Wail appears to be able to achieve.

    Having said that the finacial info in the Wail is not to bad and can rival that in some of the so called more serious papers so it is not all bad.
  4. The only National paper I buy is the Mail and that only on a Saturday. It does however seem to represent my Genghis Khan outlook on life remarkably well. Other than that I buy a local paper to keep myself up to date with local news, watch several TV news channels and the Internet.
  5. Ive stopped buying newspapers now, they all seem to print the same stories/lies (Daily Mirror etc), just with a different spin. I listen to the radio in the mornings, catch the sky news on TV and then have a quick skim of the news on the web.
  6. OK, well I read the Indy, the economist and the Financial Times.

    All media sources have an agenda, clearly the Economist is classically liberal, and similarly the FT. the Indy is a little schizophrenic, being both classically and slightly socially liberal, with the two being moderately incompatible.

    It should be clear that I tend towards a fairly classically liberal position myself.

    Where I have issues with all of the tabloids is their rather simplistic editorial position, which is less present in the broadsheets. The Mail in particular I find both excessively simplistic and hypocritical.

    Online I use a feedreader to consume content from Reuters, a couple of political sources, and each of the main political parties.
  7. wet_blobby

    wet_blobby War Hero Moderator

    You have missed the best newspaper of all from your poll, it's factual, never tells lies, impartial to party bolatics and full of totty.....where's the Sport?
  8. Anyone else notice that the Currant Bun/Scum reports 'exclusives' a day or so later than everyone else ?

  9. Well they are exclusive on that day.
  10. I buy the Times for the 3 Sudoku puzzles on the back page of Times 2.
  11. Good point, I hadn't thought of it that way....

  12. I picked the Times (The Otago Daily Times that is!!) Dunners finest.
  13. I haven't bought a paper for ages now. You get used to not having them being away, and I get all my news off various websites now as and when I want to see it :)
  14. Got to be the Indie for me. The Wail just is so rabidly biased that I couldn't possibly pick that up to read (sorry Slim)!
  15. Ok, well I was hoping for a broader poll result. But it is fairly apparent that amongst those 22 who voted, 18 have a "Rightish" leaning towards what they like to read.
    Now, I am a Mail reader, but do read the occasional other newspapers to get or try to get a balanced view of subjects. But, to be honest I see no more bias in the Mail than I do in the "Leftish" periodicals promoting their political agenda's.
    T42 said
    Would you consider sending me a PM with an example please?

    Peter said
    Could I ask you to do the same please Peter?

    The reason I have asked to take it to PM, is to prevent a possible flame war. I really am keen to research this for an essay.
    Thanks all who took part.
  16. I read the Mail for the sports pages (especially Jeff Powell and Des Kelly), but hardly look at the News sections.

    Most newspapers seem to reflect the views and politics of the owners anyway, so if I want the news, I usually use online sites and TV channels (BBC, Sky, CNN etc) to get an overall picture.
  17. When on shift I get to look at most of the papers because we pick them up for free off the trains as they come in off service
    Prefer to look at the Times for my lunchbreaks for the rugby coverage I find the mail is female orientated, dislike the Gruaniad
    Most people in the messroom go for the Sun and Sport but they are in shorter supply than the metro and other papers
    If spending my own money i buy the local paper and the occasional Sundy Express
  18. Times reader me, occasional Telegraph if the cover article appeals to me or on a Monday for the sport. Would never buy the Sun on principle although I have read other people's copies. If I am particularly bored on the way home I have bought the Evening Standard but usually regret it.
  19. Wow - I'm the only person on here who admits to reading the Grauniad! Spot the soap-dodger...

    I suppose I am guilty of a certain anti-Mail sentiment: it was my paper of choice for a couple of years, but after a while it felt like the editorial bias was marked against the way I lived my life and the things I found important. I still find the paper to be characterized by a lazy, knee-jerk, reactionary style and it's often a little light on real content.

    I'll await incoming - can I just add that one of my best mates is a Mail reader, and yes, I'm well aware that the Grauniad has a whole heap of faults too: I suppose it's a matter of which faults one's more comfortable with.
  20. Daily Mail for me , Its the crossword you see . :salut:

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