Chockheads and AED, Roughers

Discussion in 'The Fleet Air Arm' started by scouse, Sep 7, 2009.

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  1. :wink:
  2. Dont ya just miss roughers, :D ,i do
  3. Force 10 in a Ton class Magic!
  4. Was so ferkin rough one day the skipper on the Jersey darent turn north when we were coming out from Rosyth,he turned to starboard south and didnt turn north until we had reached the same latitude as newcastle,now that was rough weather, :D
  5. Rough weather in an OPV is awesome! Small ships + Roughers = small scran queues and fun bridge screen running comps
  6. 100% agree with you tommo,i used to spend all my free time up on the bridge with OOW learning navigation,one particular officer was a gentleman who had worked his way up from Killik sailor to LT,
  7. The XO on the Anglesey when I joined her was an Ex Chief Taz Ape, he's now a 3 ringer based in Jockland.

    Cracking bloke, crazy man also when it came to boardings.

    There's some cracking vids of the Anglesey in roughers in the facebook group.
  8. I will check it out on FB when Mrs NC gets home ,its her site not mine,i dont have an FB site,
  9. It really is such a shame that this technology wasn't around in the 70's/80's
    We did have a Leading Cook onboard my particular "Ton" who had a movie camera (Edit and develop the film) Going through the Kiel Canal I relieved him on the telegraphs. He rather sadly left his cine camera in situ and I quickly shot off about two feet of film. Thought no more about it.
    When he came back from leave, much later, he stated that his mother, Then the Matron of Jimmys Hospital in Leeds had a cocktail party for consultants and similar at their house.
    The film had just been picked up from the chemist and to break the boredom it was decided to show the film.Without him editing it first (Reel to Reel type) The film was tremendous the footage had everyone enthralled.
    Then halfway through the screen suddenly got darker and all one could see was the rather large togger waggling about and zooming in on the offending organ! Before he had chance to switch off the machine it reverted back to normal life onboard. He didn't know where to put his face. :D
    After some time has elapsed I can now say Plug Sinker of the Bronny
    It was ME :D :D !
  10. Nice dit T, :D ,tommo what does the RN have now thats doing the same job as we did back then,i know jesey was sold to India or maybe it was bengladesh,
  11. Thats not rough, it the aircrew doing their once a career foam wash on 1 spot!!!
  12. OOPS the RAS photo is when i was on the Ark 63-65 Scimitars on deck.
    65 a week ago today and still havn,t got this bloody "information super highway" Kit worked out were are my grandkids when i need them.
  13. [​IMG]

    HMS Victorious. (Date and place unknown.)

  14. Hermes 81 Atlanti crossing

  15. I was gonna say Fred, I reckon that's the Ark (been an R09 nut since I went onboard aged 4 at Navy Days 1977 :D ).

    Cracking phots though
  16. yes Ark OLA. Somehow i put it in my bulwark folder. I had the Ark 63-65, then Vic 65-67, then Ark Again 69 - 71, then bulwark 73 - 75.
    I live in spain now, and love it when my grandkids come so they can sort out my computor problems in seconds or minutes. Clever gits lol.
  17. Have some good phots of the old Ark will put them in the phot section once I can get them on disc/or scanner.

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