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Discussion in 'Submariners' started by Chit's in Crew (CiC), Mar 19, 2015.

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  1. I'm a failed LET (Leading Engineering Technician), when I say failed I really mean winner as I've disowned the Navy to regain my life! If there is anything you would like to know about the WE branch, let me know. When in the careers office, they tell you not to speak with serving members because we're unaware of constant updating situations... Blah blah. I won't slate the Navy (too much) but I will tell you the truth. When I joined, the careers office didn't lie, they just missed out a few little bits of information which actually turned out to be the majority of time spent; being ALL THE CRAP & BS! Just wish I left a long long time ago, I feel such a fool *sad face* But hey, they have new uniform!!!! If only they made it so last year, I might have stayed in!... I'm being sarcastic btw. Anyway, I'm here if you need some info pal 2015-03-19 19.18.12.png
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  2. Seadog

    Seadog War Hero Moderator

    Did you make it to LET and fail to dig in or did you fail to get there ?
  3. Sorry, I should have been more specific. I was being sarcastic yet again lol I passed LETQC and Leadership, gained the NVQ and then jumped ship, so to speak, on to civvy street and it feels fantastic.
  4. Loser, quitter etc. - I suspect you're not much of a loss!
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  5. A loser? Why? For going outside to probably earn more with a more stable lifestyle? .. He will be a loss as the RN can't keep engineers these days
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  6. lol Great insult little buddy, thumbs up! ;)

    It doesn't matter what you "suspect" and just to let you know, I couldn't give a toss! I'm a civvy!! lol I'm guessing you're still a serving member? If so, I assume you're jealous as hell because you too, want to leave but can't as you're stuck in the trap. You constantly drip down the mess and the lads would say "Shut up you whining little girl, don't like it, stick your chit in", in which, you then go off to a confined space (one without the need for a tally because you don't know how the routine works, even after the Chief stoker told you a million times, plus he and the SCC watch keepers can't stand you), for a LLD and cry. You then dry your eyes, go up top for some siggers, log in to Navy-net and get it all off your chest, with not even two sentences. Maybe you didn't have time to write much because you're too far from land and the OOW keeps seeing you off or maybe it's that you're SSEP because again, the Chief stoker can't stand you!

    Sorry if you don't get time to read all this, being that they've probably just piped for rounds and you're sh!t house sherif again for the 5th time since Monday, get turn to fella! Oh and shall I check for your reply in 9months?

    I was sad enough to have the time and write this because... Yep, you guessed it, I'm a civvy now!
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  7. Many thanks and you indeed speak the truth!
  8. There was a bunklight...........?
  9. I'd class that as a nibble :p
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  10. CiC - I'm afraid you ARE coming across as a whining little girl! Was it ever so! There are those that cracked on and those that dripped like a sceptic bottom the whole time. I served a long time as roughly the equivalent of the ET branch, then I came outside. I put my notice in after Killick's course, but then most of us did, then I realised that Iwas (probaly) better off in Pusser. There are those who (claim?) to fall straight into brilliant and high paid jobs. However, there are also plenty who do not.

    Whoopeedoo - you are a civvy again - no rounds. Arranged a pension yet? But probably got a boss who is a knob, oh, and younger than you, if you have a job. No more free foreign jollies. Etc, etc.

    Just for interest, what are you doing now? Have you a job related to all the training you received free from the RN, or are you 'resting'** while waiting for the head-hunters to knock on the door?

    ** If you are 'resting', then I'm paying part of your benefits you waster.
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  11. You're a safeguard bellend. You've not really proven anything here? How are you better off? You don't even have a job yet?
    There's plenty of shit jobs civi side aswell. Fair one the life style isn't for you, doesn't means it's not for everyone. And if you're a killick WE you can not tell me you've ever actually worked hard, Christ you're basically given promotion nowadays on completing a task book, try getting a civi job(no quals) paying 30k with that amount of work, no chance.
  12. Ha, "better off in Pusser", say no more! Full of regret no doubt? That's why you HAD to rejoin? Oh wait, no mention of that. So to answer your questions; I have indeed "fell" into a fantastic job, a very large television production company, with a great pension and yes, the pay is better. Next question? I couldn't care less if you dismiss what I have just told you being that, of course, it can't be true! It is, so you may wind your neck in now. Every LET WE (bar one) I know that left last year, and there was quite a few, all landed jobs where the pay was equal to or over what they earned in the Navy. That bar one started on 2k less for 6months.

    Before you start banging on about how good the pension is, in the Navy, you might want to check it out first THEN weigh up time away at these so called "jollies". Again, you might want to check the class of "jollies" these days.

    I think someone, meaning YOU, needs to let go... Let it go, let it go! Can't CBRNDC anymooore!
  13. Rolling-stone,

    I'm not trying to prove anything. I'm better off in so many ways, that's a rhetorical question really because you know the answer 100%. I have a job, how on earth you assumed I didn't god only knows, well done. Yes there are many shit jobs out there, again well done. And you're right, most WE's don't work half as hard as, for example, a stoker. Those guys really earn their pounds and I respect them for that. You couldn't be more right about promotion on a plate too, I wonder why that is? Hmmmmmm? Oh I nearly forgot; you shouldn't abuse the safeguard rule!
  14. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    It sometimes surprises me when someone joins the Navy by choice, decides they wish to leave, submits notice to quit and leaves, then feels bitter about their experience for making the wrong career choice, preferring to blame others.

    The average matelot serves about six years. Most choose to leave because their circumstances/lifestyle no longer conveniently match the needs of the service. This is quite usual.

    Some look back and wish they had never left, some feel the time was right but benefitted from the experience.

    Occasionally some feel so bitter that the job doesn't flex to suit their wishes they seemingly feel the need to revisit Naval related websites to continue making themselves look a complete cock.

    Oh look, here's an example.

    As a careers adviser I get the hump when someone suggests we don't do our job properly on the one hand, whilst neglecting to notice this & then complaining about it many years after they joined.
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  15. Ninja Stoker, you forgot to add "look a complete cock and to make themselves feel better". Everything you wrote is absolutely true and very well done for covering the basis of every single person that has left, you should write the stars in your local paper. Anyway, why so grumpy? You stuck in the trap as well? Never mind, pray for reincarnation pal!

    So is there anything else Ninja, whilst I sit on my ass? Well if you think of anything, let me know as and when you can. I'm here for... well, for whatever length of time! Why... That's it, let's say it together - "I'm a civvy now".
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  16. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    The difference is simply you choose to criticise the professional competence of others because, after several years, you eventually decided you didn't want to be a Missile Mary any more.

    Not criticising your professional ability, just your judgement.
  17. lol If you read that back, I'm mean really read it, you'll realise everything you just wrote was 1. Irrelevant and 2. It seems as though you've tried to make yourself sound like some intelligent Oracle of knowledge, the go-to guy, one of which that knows other people better than they know themselves. You should rename yourself as "Sigmund Freud" being that you are a truly clever man.

    Personally, if I had any doubt in my "Missile Mary Professional Ability", then I wouldn't have left and stayed wrapped up in cotton wall, whilst smoking a tab.

    Please continue as, let's face it, I've got nothing better to do with my non Missile Mary life. Maybe you could tell me more about myself?
  18. As you're obviously so much more intelligent then anyone in the Navy, why did you join in the first place?

    Why didn't you just rock up into the 30k+ a year job(note you've not specified what you actually do) you're currently in straight from school?

    Has being in the navy and gaining the qualifications/people skills from being in there not benefitted you in able to get that job? Therefore the navy isn't such a bad choice, you don't HAVE to do 22 years to make joining the navy worthwhile.

  19. Rolling-stone, I'll answer your comments in one go if that's ok. Firstly, thank you and to see the world! Probably the same reason as you. Straight from school, no. Benefitted me, educationally, yes. Oh... Is that it? *Sad face*
  20. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    I guess for some it is difficult to accept they get paid to do a job which gives them transferrable skills but doesn't mourn their leaving. It's a bit like going back to your school several years after leaving and shouting at the building for being a school.

    Time to let go and move on, buddy.
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