Chinook rescues helicopter

Discussion in 'The Fleet Air Arm' started by Squeezable, Jul 7, 2008.

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  1. did you like how the 2 crabs stood underneath the S/KING as the chinook took the strain.Id have been long gone out of the lifting area :w00t: :thumright:
  2. Seaweed

    Seaweed War Hero Book Reviewer

    Rescues RESCUE helicopter. Like it.
  3. Concur Scouse, Im not sure where the CRUSA/SACRU release is in a CH47 cockpit, but I know the seaking pilots who drop tested a lightweight landy on exmoor owing to confusion between autostab button and stores release on the collective (or something like that), sounds stupid but if you're not looking at it (as you are flying) its too easy to do, even with a wirelocked gag painted yellow n black. It also happened to a Junglie after picking up a 105mm so Im sure its not mk5/mk4 specific, I think there was a cockpit article on it back in the day.

    Quality vid! I also like how they hooked it up, no bo peep hook, just wanders over and grabs it (Zort!!), and then with no marshaller etc they just stand under it as the load starts to lift/swing all over the place. Looks like a spot in the Llanberis pass, 22Sqn downbird, crew gone to pub no doubt. Im betting its cos the bridges were too narrow to get a flatbed in there to get the cab out by road.
  4. I'd concur with all of the above - a nicely executed extraction of a rescue helo. Must be a bit hairy trying to fly with however many tonnes of swinging SK helo hanging off of the Chinook, no matter how aerodynamic the airframe is or isn't.
  5. Never underestimate the POWER of the Chinook side of the force
  6. Ooooooooooooo! who bwoke dare likle dinky heliochopper and 'ad to get a biggsy one to cum and fly it away and all wiv out plassie cones to keep the local residents away I fink elf and safety may ave sum fink to say about dat.

  7. This isn't anything new seen it done three times now including this one.
    Got the Wocca~Wocca in to "pick-up" a couple of cabs out in the field before it's a bit nerve-wracking but they wouldn't do it if it wasn't safe.
  8. Good to see they earthed the strop before hooking up! Bet it would be a little but uncomfortable getting a static shock of a Chinook!
  9. Did an 826 SK "downbird" from Maenporth Beach Falmouth, when I was a PO on Salvage at Culdrose, we got a "Jolly Green Giant" from Mildenhall to lift it back to the airfield.
  10. There are worse things than one helicopter needing a lift from another.



  11. This WAS a negative fishead area! What does that captain's mistake have to do with a downed helicopter? Bouyancy IS different to gravity! don't insult an AE's intelligence with SHIPS!!!!!
  12. Captain's mistake?

    Is that what we're calling suicide bombers these days then?

    Top post just goes to show how invaluable the Chinook fleet is and how much of a priority it should be to maximise this capability. We need more of this, not 200 odd Eurowasters.
  13. Personally i wouldnt like to be the aircrewman on a Chinook :thumright: one rotar head for me oppo is enough :salut:
  14. Flew off the Ark in a Chinook in '02. The loady said, "it's ok we've got 2 engines and can fly on one". I replied that they also had 2 gearboxes, but if one of them goes, we're all F***ed. Got a cold stare from my mates for that.
  15. One rotarhead two engines jobs a goodun :salut: :thumright:
  16. I think Junglie lad is getting confused between the USS Cole and HMS Nottingham!
  17. Junglie_lad hasn't mentioned wether the ship has had a hole blown in it or if it's been driven into a rock! I was talking about Aircraft!

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