Chinese wedding cake

Discussion in 'The Quarterdeck' started by dipthong, Feb 15, 2009.

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  1. Chinese Wedding Cake has been described as Japanese Rice Pudding.
    it was ever Chinese and became Chinese Wedding Cake when the Duty Chef of the Black Swan slipped and turned Rice pudding into Chinese Wedding Cake by the addition of copious amounts of currants,
  2. What the **** you on about?
  3. I think he meant to post it in Current Affairs.

    And don't you just love sentences that end with a comma?

  4. Oh dear oh dear, best post today :)
  5. Whatthefucksacomma?
  6. Says little for the remainder.
  7. are you "raisin" to the occasion?
  8. When did this auspicious event occur?

    Came on this earth with nothing, I'm doing well I still have it, if I can find it.
  9. You must remember that off-white rice pudding we were served with thiose little black bits in it--That was Chinese Wedding cake. Never was sure what the black bits were however.
  10. Time to stop replying to Normans thread folks. How long before the mods remove him this time?
  11. Quite right!! Free speech?? Curtail.
  12. **** off Norman.
  14. Dipthong you fecking nutcase- sod off with your weird and wonderful posts! ;-)
  15. The thread may be sh!t but wannabe's new avatar more than makes up for that. Lovely!!!
  16. dipthong you dipstick, what are you waffling about? 8O
    Rice pudding with currents in is commonly known as "niggers in the snow". :D
  17. Chinese Wedding Cake with the addition of currants is called N*****S in the Snow

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