Chinese "trucking" live rats to southern restaurants


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Now that they are rich they can afford to eat rat - what on earth did they eat when they were poor? the mind boggles.

That being said, I seem to remember reading in some memoir of the old sailing Navy how some sailors would fish for rats in the bilges and sell them to their shipmates as extra rations ..

Place rat-guards!


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It's not rats, it's mice. Slightly more delicate in taste. The dam project has caused millions of the little buggers to fled so, the Chinese have a new excuse to start SARS again - cevit cats off the menu, on mice!

4 legged chicken anyone?

Roll on the Olympics - should merge this thread with the Yellow Peril thread!
I've eaten water rat (vole) during my Duke of Edinburgh Award (silver) survival training.... but our instructor (my metal work master) was an ex-Booty, so that probably explains everything. He was the one who introduced us to frying earthworms in garlic butter!


Ratty: skinned, gutless and very dead indeed, was baked in a hole dug in the ground (at school, outside the Pottery classroom) in a charcoal "oven". He was very tasty actually - the only real meat we ate when I was at school, unless you count spam fritters as meat! :lol:

None of us asked at the time, but did Booties really learn to fry earthworms in butter with crushed (wild?) garlic and bake Ratty in charcoal ovens? Where would: (a) the butter; (b) the garlic and (c) the charcoal come from? I think the fried bacon, eggs and beans were more authentic... even if they did stink the tents out on the school lawn when we were learning campcraft at school.
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