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Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by tufty, Sep 6, 2007.

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  1. Two Chinese ships came into Pompey this morning - welcome ! I was just wondering about the laundry ... :)
  2. Seaweed

    Seaweed War Hero Book Reviewer

    This is part of a PLA(N) project to secure improvement in PLA(N) morale by analysing one of the great technical secrets of the RN, Matelot Humour. The project team has already indvertently crashed Rum Ration while hacking into it (is nowhere safe?). Chinese academics are thought to be using a supercomputer to decrypt the keyword ROMFT; another team is trying to synthesise pusser's rum from rice wine and fermented bamboo shoots.
  3. At least they were greeted with the correct national flag this time!

    Last time we had a Chinese Naval visit (6 years ago if I remember?) someone hoisted the wrong flag - Taiwan!!! :p

    Edited to correct a mistake - it wasn't the Naval Base, it was a certain CVS who hoisted the wrong flag
  4. I remember that. There were lots of embaressed laughs at work the next day...

    It would be funny if it happened again!
  5. I just assumed, as the Chinese seem to be buying everything, they had bought Portsmouth Dockyard.
  6. Talking of lasses, there seems to be quite a few females on board if seeing them walk up from South Railway jetty is anything to go by - unless they're the locals on the pull of course.

    The pennant number on South Railway is 168 by the way - looks a bit destroyerish - I haven't bothered to Google it but the Pompey News says its the Guangzhou. I haven't got any letters on my keyboard to repeat what it says on the gangway! The other ship is a supply ship - Wei Shanhu - and they are apparently amongst Chinas most modern. They look it.
    They appear to be making a big effort and are very smartly dressed - a credit to themselves.

    Poles ! That was so funny ... LOL
  7. Totally agree, I had a look at her from the Gosport Ferry and from Victory Jetty and she seems well looked after and pretty shiny, but she is quite new.

    A bunch of her crew were strolling down Queen Street with their shopping and looking very smart! I did give them a wave as I cycled past on my way home but got no wave back!
  8. Nine - o - clockers this evening was No. 7, No. 14, 2 x No. 36 .... :)
  9. Ah,but the chicken was rubbery!
  10. Where has my excellent if I say so myself post gone.

    Seadog, have you been timber shifting again?
  11. Not sure if its of any interest but i managed to grab a few pictures today...



  12. You wouldn't want to go against that destroyer without a pointy stick. 16 chinky harpoon equivalents. Seems they've been either buying or cloning some Thales / Signaal bits as well.

    Looked very tiddly propearing for sea this morning.
  13. Seaweed

    Seaweed War Hero Book Reviewer

    I like the fellow by the stern in the top picture fishing for a dockyard trout.
  14. Not fishing,just lowering the sonar.

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