Chinese naval buildup

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by Seaweed, Jul 19, 2007.

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  1. Seaweed

    Seaweed War Hero Book Reviewer

  2. Ooooooer,looks like they got some serious hardware there!Taht carrier looks a bit naughty!
  3. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    Scary stuff.

    Wonder if they have British Dhoby Wallahs?
  4. Bleh!

    We've got the "awesome" type 23's!

    I'll get me coat, the Taxi's waiting
  5. Shoud i start a HTP`s side party for when they come alongside in Guzz? :w00t:
  6. Quote "Over the last five to six years, the PLAN has built and launched over 80 new major surface combatants for its fleet. In that same time period, they have not decommissioned any major surface combatants" ....

    Our kit might be better, our people vastly superior, but there is no denying the numbers. The scale of building is almost as if they were at war or something.

  7. I think you`re right, our kit MIGHT be better.
  8. An unintentional opening to allow you to twist my words. Shame on you Hig ... but then again, how would I know how good their kit is.

  9. our people vastly superior

    No doubt about that statement whatsoever. :whew:
  10. :toilet: Anyone who thinks the Chinese are going to become the most powerful economic Country in the East without having powerful armed forces to back this up is crazy. This has been coming for a very long time indeed, the Chinese will be flexing their muscles before not too long and of course Taiwan, will probably be a test case, at some stage they will possibly have to take on the yanks and the West to become all powerful in the East, not necessarily war but some pushing and shoving going on and I say, good luck to them.

    I love the Chinese people and at last they are building the ability to properly defend themselves, who remembers the rape of Nanking and what the Japs did in WWII and all the other invading Nations over the years. Who also remembers the big Soviet push into the Med' and other parts of the World with their newly built Navy in the 1960's post Cuba ? They certainly put their mark on things and caused quite a stir me thinks.

    Its not the best of regimes I admit and their history on human rights etc has been apalling but who would like to throw the first stone ?

    The balance of power in the East is rapidly changing in their favour. :tp:
  11. Not just Taiwan but the Spratleys will be on their radar screen. Oil again.
  12. And what do we do to prepare? Start to push the learning of Manderin Chinese in our educational system.

  13. Oh yes, they need it big time!! Maybe Vietnam will be under their screens also. That stretch of sea is heavily disputed and Vietnam / Cambodia haven't really begun to tap into their offshore resources.
  14. They have had a Naval Presence their for years
  15. Clearly a good time to "downsize" our fleet. With all that kit, it wouldn't do to p**s off our new trading friends, would it.
  16. Do we still have a fleet of note?

    A new cold war with the Chinese?
  17. I think we do last time I was in Pompey I noted one frigate leaving the harbour on Monday morning, I think it was the Far East Fleet deploying.
  18. Theyre going to have trouble getting this into the front line though!


  19. Knowing the Chinese they will just move in oooh say 50 Million peasants and they will carry it out...[​IMG]
  20. I can't see a shipyard anywhere in that picture so they must have got in the puddle somehow. If they can get it in they can get it out again.

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