Chinese,Indian or Kebab

Discussion in 'The Quarterdeck' started by creakin, Apr 21, 2006.

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  1. So everyone what is your favourite takeaway?

    My personnel fave is Chinese, Indian all looks and tastes the same to me, and Kebabs nah(all that fat dripping down)
  2. Likewise its a chinese for me, but to be eaten only with chopsticks. However at 3am ish on a sunday morning you cant beat a kebab (only coz thats the only place left open)
  3. Used to love Indian Thai and Chinese take aways when I was in GUZZ but now I live overseas I find myself eating Pizza McD's and KFC.
    Bad news for people with no self discipline here, KFC and Macdonalds deliver !!!!!!!!!!!
  4. Pissed, Devonport dockyard gate,a chuffs and puffs and apint of milk from one of the stalls, go onboard drink milk,eat half of chuffs and puffs ,put other half on fantrunking for morning,dont know if anyone ever ate the other half,it looked effing revolting.But it was exellent the night before.
  5. God it years since I have heard of chuffs and puffs, now work in Guz dockyard (attend really the name has changed but nothing else) and I think Ron Dewnyes don’t do them any more never seen them advertised
  6. Indian NO CONTEST but why is it outside of the UK or India and points East 99% of curries are rubbish. Australia, Spain etc.

  7. Oh has to be chinese. However there/was a pizza take-a-away next door to Jesters that does the best chicken supreme pizza at 2am!
  8. Would you eat at the same place at lunchtime when sober though?
    I made the mistake of going into Boobs on a lunchtime when I was still sober.. eeeerrrrrr still makes me gringe.....Oh that carpet !
  9. I always used to try the local food just about everywhere - except Djibouti, of course. Had octopus curry in Bali, goat curry at Kranji W/T, some dodgy things in Hong Kong, probably cat in Sembawang etc etc. The last memory got me searching out Singapore food and I came across a hilarious site, a "Hall of Shame" for Singapore restaurants..... nearly all postings are by Singapore Chinese and they are soooooo racist! They are so snobby towards not only Malays and Indians but to other Chinese people - the Hong Kong Cantonese particularly (whom they call "Hongkees"). Check it out if you like....
  10. janner

    janner War Hero Book Reviewer

    Good Fish and Chips, Cod of course
  11. I had BBQ Jellyfish in Singapore 2 years ago....very strange, tasted like pickled cabbage..Also had stir fried scorpion in Pattaya.......tasty but crunching up the pincers in your mouth was a tad strange. Bets food I have ever had was a Tuna sushi dish in Cairns Australia...absolutley stunning, wish I could find out how to make it.
  12. Mate of mine has a Japanese wife and I nagged him to get her to do some for me... she wouldn't do a 'normal' fish sushi cos she reckoned she couldn't get fresh enough fish in the UK, so she did it with tuna. Quite simple really, (in theory).... get the right seaweed which you can now find in good supermarkets, boil some rice - preferably the glutenous rice - arborio rice will do - and when the rice is cooling add a few drops of toasted sesame oil. put the rice on the seaweed - difficult to give amounts, as you need to think about the eventual thickness. Put a dob of tuna on the rice, a bit of chilli powder if you like, then roll it up - they usually roll them in cling film. It should be about salami diameter (3 to 4 inches) then slice and enjoy.

    (I'm always dissecting and analysing restaurant food, to see how it's made, so I can have a go at it. Was at an Italian restaurant last week and had a seafood pasta thingy, served in foil. Couple of days later got a handful of seafood/shellfish from Tesco, a jar of 'pasta bake' and ordinary spaghetti - half cooked the spaghetti then put it all together in some foil and baked for half an hour - perfect and cost a fraction of what the restaurant charged.
  13. I remember there being a pretty good hawker centre in Sembawang, within walking distance of Terror. The roads there were all still called "Admiralty Way" and "Nelson Road", etc., but we were told you could be fined for not crossing the road at right angles! But nothing compared to Penang; the food there still makes me drool when I think about it.
  14. I remember the cat curry in Sembawang oof course

    and something tasty from a gutter stove down 2The Wanch" in Hong Kong

    and lets not forget the dear old Greasy Spoon in Portland of course

    but for all of those I still think the best ever was Serendipitys in New York

    what about it peeps ?
  15. A traffic seperation zone?

    I like Chinese (though not the real thing, hen's feet and cockscombs are an aquired taste) and proper curries, the sort you can get in Bradford if you avoid those curry houses frequented by non-Asians! Also chips and fried, battered pea fritters.

  16. Re Penang ditto. I shall remember the food there for the rest of my life from my one and only run ashore there.

    Does any one remember the chippie caravan at the top of the hill (on the right me thinks) outside Rosyth dockyard? Some of the best fish and chips I ever had, or was that just the beer. Is it still going?
  17. Apparently crossing diagonally / not crossing at pedestrian crossings is jaywalking. This was when they had also just brought in the ban on chewing gum.
  18. Don't forget the crunchy bits in Sembawang - I think they were the Bombay runners who started on the other side of the plate from you... :lol:
  19. Indian, Bengali, call it what you will. If it's a decently prepared one it'll do for me and I'm not hungry again in half an hour! Chogie - too much tartrazine for me. A good Thai meal is nice, but they ahn't half pricey!
  20. Indonesian MEAT BALLS at Singers [CLARK QUAY] it was to die for then this guy came walking along with a rat in a cage and went in the back of the shop and suddenly I lost my taste. It would have to be either Mexican ,Thai or a good old Singapore chow mein. But then again it could be good old roast beef and yorkshire puddings. Mind those steak and kidney puddings take some beating. Or it could be Cod and chips as only us lot can cook. Laughable when in Canada they where selling authentic fish and chips the English way so it read.

    If they had sold that crap over here they would have had the wall decorated no problemo

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