Discussion in 'The Quarterdeck' started by Tas-ape, Dec 28, 2006.

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  1. I was winding down last night and having my usual half-hour surfing the news and etc. Just as I was finishing off I received an email from one of the bears off-shore followed by a quick phone call. He was looking for something or another and he chanced across a website called . I tell you people, I have seen a lot of horrible things in my life but nothing prepared me for what I saw. Us humans are a morbid curious species so I logged on. There is a link to an undercover secret video which shows fur farming in China which is un-regulated and operates under no specific laws. I warn you now and most earnestly, if you do venture into this video, it just might make you ill. Never seen anything like it. If anybody does go there, there is a Navigation bar on the left, hit videos then scroll down to Chinese Fur farms. Just don't go there after yer tea!!!!! 8O
  2. Sorry Tas-ape. I for one will not venture onto the site as i have seen sites like this before and afraid it just makes my blood boil!!
    Nuff said. :evil: :evil:
  3. Perhaps we should subject the Chinese fur farmers to the same treatment - as the occupying Japanese forces DID to many of the Chinese population during their occupation of that country. To put the cruelty into some perspective, just remember a few years ago when the childrens' home child abuse scandals were at their hight in Britain, the news came out that several mentally handicapped children had been systematically sexually abused by their carers. There was none of the public outcry that followed similar, but less horrific treatment of non-handicapped children. There was also less furore than there would have been had the abuse involved furry animals. Peers and conservative theists who normally make such a fuss about 'protecting children' from any discussion about sexual matters were silent, yet had the abuse involved men abusing boys not girls I doubt they would have hesitated to condemn it. In other words British society regarded the systematic sexual abuse of mentally handicapped children as less serious than that of animals and our so-called moral leaders refrained from any comdemnation. Why? Are we really so very different from the Chinese fur farmers, morally speaking?
  4. I think I got misled into this thread, I could have sworn I saw a porn video called Chinese fur farm once upon a time .... sigh
  5. Don't tell Rosie Lingy! :lol: Did your wife buy it you for Crimbo or does she always treat you to live entertainment? :wink: :lol:
  6. Oh my fecking good God, I honestly never realised how low those fcuking uncivilised barbaric "people" were.

    Yes I knew (or imagined) that the fur trade wasn't all pedigree chum and stuff but I thought the animals were at least DEAD before they were skinned.
    Fcuk me I want to cry. Honestly.
  7. Jeez, I just got the film to download. I would love to have a 5 minute chat with these pricks. That is some of the sickest shit I have ever seen, I have to admit I couldn't even watch the whole thing.
    Tossers, absolute tossers. I am sure anyone who saw this could never wear fur.
  8. When Canadians used to harvest the pelts of seal pups in the past, they were often still alive when skinned. It took an international (well Western) outcry from animal lovers to make that practice socially taboo. It is also worth remembering that when you ate you broiler turkey this Crimbo (unless it was killed by a more humane method) the turkeys are not always properly stunned and are literally scalded to death feeling the full pain.
  9. Oh my Turkey comes from a farm, as opposed to a farmed Turkey.

    As for the seal culling (that still goes on btw), it took a lot of TV based publicity before enough people got the message and started to pressure the government.
    Nothing is going to happen to stop this atrocity. China is too powerful to give a sh1t what we think and our illustrious "government" won't do anything to rock the boat anyway.
    There is nothing we can do.
    And NO, none of my family wear fur
  10. China has never been known for its kindness to animals. Do you like cats, the Chinese do, great delicacy. Often seen in cages in the forecourt of restaurants, along with dogs and snakes. Particularly cruel is the way that they eat monkeys brains.
    This may change however as in the past few years more and more Chinese are starting to keep dogs as pets and not food.
  11. I certainly don't like my ladies to have any fur
  12. phnaar phnaar ;)
  13. If some of the bleeding hearts on this thread had any idea about what routinely goes on in agribiz, I'm sure they would all become flip-flop wearing soya munchers. I personally prefer to put people first. The sad fact is that our society could no longer sustain itself without the products of factory farming. Is'nt it a tad hypocritical to get our pants in a bunch over one particular sector of the farming business?

    BTW AAC, the scalding you refer to in Turkey farming is used to get the quills out of the flesh. The birds are normally dead before scalding, as trying to scald a 20Lb bird while its still kicking might damage the machinery.
    The above happens to free range birds as well, except the scalding water will be supplied fro a tin bucket over a gas ring.
  14. Oh, so I shouldn't get upset about that film then?
    Fcuk you

  15. Spot on Shippers!The Chinese WILL be the replacement Superpower to the US!!!

    The chinese portray a caring attitude to the Panda,ok,good job.But its China's National Animal and Symbol,so they would look after it!They need reducating,you cant keep Bears caged up with taps in their sides so Bear Bile can be collected.The nubers of CITES animals that end up in China as Taditional Medicine is appaling!Unfortunatly to a Poacher a Tiger is just so many Dollar bills on 4 legs!it will need severe and lethal measures to eradicate both the Poachers and the Dealers but where is the will?Certainly the Chinese wont!!!!
  16. The Chinese will eat anything that moves or can go into the pot.

    Not sure if this vid is the same as the one on tv where the German was posing as a fur dealer from Germany. The first dog of the day was brought out semi strangled and tied to the fence and skinned the cold morning air was evident by the breathe coming out of the poor dogs mouth. Which was supposed to be dead???

    Apart from the fecking chinks.

    We have the Spaniards who have a great time shoving spears into a cow to the shout of "OLE" [not sure on the spelling] which for me means "fecking ******" how a modern country like Spain can support bullfighting is a joke. Why has the European Union not jumped on this,if you went sticking knives into a cow in the fields you would be slung in the nick. Yet we have people being treated like heroes when they do it in the bullring

    Then we have the religious festivals in Spain where the goat is thrown from the tower. And the fat feckers jump on a donkey see how many it can carry. All in the name of religion.

    Nearer home we have "CARTED DEER HUNTING" in IRELAND

    The sport in this game is to rear your own deer throw a couple in the back of your cart or trailer let one go into the hills then go chase it with hounds. You always take two just in case the first one is torn apart to early.

    You try to pull the hounds of the deer so you can take it back for sport another day. Unless it dies of heart failure first.

    All good fun.

    Even nearer home we have our future Queen. Sorry??? I mean King.

    Raising birds to shoot out of the sky and it is called sport. Few years back Prince Philip was applauded on BBC for shooting a tiger from an an elephant cries "GOOD SHOT YOUR HIGHNESS" from some brown nose BBC fecker. How things have changed we are still shooting pheasant but leaving the tigers alone. Unless of course you can get a few tiger bones for that medicine man in China.

    Yeh beam me up Scotty there aint no intelligent life down here!!!!!!!!!
  17. Not so long ago a Shoot had to be halted at Sandringham as shot was falling into a local Primary School Playground!!!!!
  18. Not suggesting that at all, could you quote the part of my post where I said that?
  19. This "bleeding heart" got effing upset about that film clanky. I'm not saying that it doesn't go on elsewhere, or even worse, but the attitude of your post seemed to me to be "tough, it happens, feck 'em its only animals"

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