Chinese fake shit

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by BillyNoMates, Feb 9, 2013.

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  1. It's what it is. They'll stop at nothing to fake it.






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  2. You would think after all the trouble to make a good copy they would get the spelling correct?
  3. Spain* is inundated with 'Chinese shops' where you can buy almost anything, very cheaply. Some of it is OK, for example, a lump hammer for about a quid. Just be careful the head doesn't fly off while using it!

    But some is just crap. I needed a long 10mm tube or bar spanner. I found a lovely all in one chrome vanadium rod with a T handle and a 10m socket about 10 inches long - ideal! So I parted with my hard earned quid and took it home. Later, delving into the depths of my car's engine, used said 'tool' - it twisted like a twisty thing! Absolutely useless!

    * It seems they have a 'trading agreement' with the Government. In our very small town there are about 6 huge Chinese supermarkets!
  4. I remember walking around Quingdao and seeing a variety of 'Starbocks' and 'McDonas' dotted about the place.

    The parent group of the company I used to work for had a massive intellectual property division who's job it was to scour the globe for fake watches and jewellery, they had a museum full of amazing tat, including a fake Ferrari that had been knocked up in Thailand.

    Some of the watches though were pretty much indistinguishable from the real thing and I'm talking 200 grand IWCs, not 6 grand Rolexs.
  5. I had a good run there in 2000
  6. I thought it was a shit hole but we had a mega run there. I got chatted up in what I'm convinced was a honey trap, the bar next to the dockyard just happened to be full of very attractive girls who spoke perfect English.

    I told them the Seadarts were nukes and that we had a secret Harrier stashed in the hangar (on a stumpy 42).

    I also purchased a 3' long ceremonial AK bayonet from a department store.
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  7. Chinese shit? They need... shitbegone.jpg
  8. It was a hole but it's the runners. You knew most of them on Geordie Gun Boat. We also flew up to Beijing for the Great Wall of China Tour. That was a awesome 48 hours smashed out of our faces.
  9. Yeah we did that too, but if memory serves we went from Shanghai.

    Anyway, awesome runs, awesome ships.
  10. Shangers I enjoyed too
  11. I remember fucking a chinese girl and she had a fake orgasm.
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  12. The most noble speech I ever heard was from a Chinese girl"Your fliend still flucky my fliend, you flucky me some more." Still brings tears to the eyes on reflection after all these years.
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  13. Do you still YEN for more.

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