Chinese conduct deck landings with J-15s at sea


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So, our Asian chums are deck landing. BBC News - China lands jet on first aircraft carrier It might be PR or it could be real intent.

Shame our lords and masters weren't thinking about real capability during SDSR and were more concerned with inter Service bickering, we could have been training right now to fly F-18s in the very near future and have at least kept pace with the world as opposed to slipping behind.

Interesting to note how quickly the Chinese have developed the various skills needed to start doing this.

We should be taking notes.


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I think it's funny that the Russians sold them the ship after the Chinese told them they wanted to convert it into a floating Casino in Macau. Yea, righhhtttttt.


Liaoning (then Varyag) was purchased from the Ukraine not Russia.

Clearly the comical floating casino ruse served to circumvent the Montreux convention which restricts free passage through the Bosphorus.

Understanding China as well as its military capabilities is clearly vital for the future.


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Looks to me like it has only one wire???? And it got pulled to an alarming extreme to the angle :confused2::confused2:


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We had 4 but all the ace of the bases, would only take the second wire. It was only manners, and frowned on in FLYCO, if not adhered too :thumbup: