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Discussion in 'The Quarterdeck' started by hobbit, Jun 23, 2007.

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  1. SHANGHAI, China ­
    A company in eastern China was ordered to stop production after food safety officials found it was repackaging the filling from two-year-old rice dumplings, an official said Tuesday.

    Officials in east China's Anhui province ordered a recall of all "zongzi" _ a traditional snack made of glutinous rice and other fillings usually wrapped in bamboo leaves _ made by the manufacturer, Wan Maomao Frozen Food Co.

    "We are still investigating. The company will be punished according to law after the investigation," said an official with the Quality and Technical Supervision Bureau in Anhui's capital, Hefei, who like many Chinese would give only his surname, Wu.

    Calls to the number listed for Wan Maomao Frozen Foods rang unanswered.

    There were no reports of anyone falling ill from eating the dumplings. But the recall comes amid an uproar over problems with tainted foods and medicines that have spread to other countries following the discovery of toxic chemicals from China in medicines, pet foods and toothpaste made or sold overseas.

    The dumplings were not sold outside Anhui, Wu said.

    The factory had removed the original wrappings from the dumplings and repackaged them as made in 2007, according to a report Tuesday in the official newspaper Shanghai Daily. Some of the dumplings already had begun to rot, it said.

    The Shanghai Daily said authorities found two tons of the expired dumplings in a weekend raid of the factory. They retrieved another 1.4 tons that already had been sold, it said.

    Zongzi are traditionally eaten during the Dragon Boat festival each June. According to custom, the dumplings originally were thrown into a river as an offering to the ancient poet Qu Yuan, who according to legend drowned himself in 278 BC.
  2. This is a method used by the seed people in the UK inner foil wrapped seeds are repacked and labeled packed in the year????.
  3. What do you bet someone gets the death penalty for that - got to keep the transplant industry going -

  4. This is from a reliable source for general info . Although I love seafood I no longer take the risk . Your choice

    Are You Eating Fish Raised in Raw Sewage?

    If you frequently eat fish and seafood, you need to be aware of where that food is coming from.
    China—the leading exporter of seafood to the United States—has been found to raise most of its fish in sewage-infested waters. To compensate for the lack of clean water they pump in antibiotics, fungicides and pesticides—many of which are banned carcinogens here in the United States.
    In the last year, the United States increased its imports of seafood from China by 34 percent. Meanwhile, one in four Americans gets hit with a food-borne illness each year. About 20 percent of these cases are due to contaminated seafood.
    If it wasn’t for the increasing dangers of fish loaded with mercury from industrial pollution, fish feed contaminated with melamine, and now the health risk from fish raised in untreated fecal water, it really would be the optimal food source for omega-3.
  5. That stems from an original article here...
    which has been referenced in several blogs and, at a first glance, seems to be a normalish piece of journalism, but when you see the other articles on the site, e.g.:
    Is China trying to poison Americans and their pets?
    Google censors China criticism in U.S.
    Christians jailed for walking near Olympic hotel
    (in China)
    and many more, you get the feeling that this site doesn't really like China that much.

    I'm not saying it's not true, just that I'd personally want to see this from other trustworthy sources before I would be willing to repeat it as fact.

    Even the 'Food & Water Watch' report on which this article is partly based, quotes an article from the The Daily Advertiser newspaper in Lafayette, Louisiana as its source for its quote "Farmers in China and Vietnam are
    said to rely on dirty, often sewer-source, water to raise fish and crawfish and use antibiotics to keep fish healthy" which is not that strong a statement in itself.
    The connection between comments about access to sewage treatment in Asian countries and those on China's seafood production seems to have been made entirely by the journalist. In the report's section on China, the focus seems to be entirely on cases involving use of drugs and chemicals to boost production.
  6. wet_blobby

    wet_blobby War Hero Moderator

    Eat Kebabs...there safer...(taste awful when your sober mind.)
  7. I'll wind my neck in now. Several very reputable sources are reporting the USA's issue with the quality of Chinese seafood amongst other things. for example.

    Still not about sewage, more on the drugs side, but if you're going to get poisoned what difference does it make one way or the other? :pukel:
  8. Yes it's wise to question just about every thing these days in particular on the web . This info was in a news letter I get from a Doctor Mercola I believe it is spelt and he seems reliable . I believe sea-food is suspect though and I cant eat it following a bad reaction to a feed of smoked salmon . An interesting quote spotted recently , a variation on the ' give me a fish and I eat for today '. This quote reads , ' Give me a fish and I eat for today . Teach me how to fish and I'll be dead from mercury poisoning in three years ' . Anyway , it's a personal choice what we accept or reject , .

    Bon appetit


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