Chinas Birfday

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by diesel, Oct 1, 2009.

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  1. It's a public holiday here fellahs, 5 o'clockish, and in the background I've got the telly on and I'm watching the Chinese National Day parade.

    It's an Auspicious day as it's the 60th birthday of modern China.

    The commentators are definitely Brits which means you should get to watch it over there. After they've edited it maybe?

    If you get the chance, watch it, and then think defence cuts. I hope that cnut Brown and his fcukwit oppo's do.

    I go into China quite regularly and believe me it is a fcuking impressive place.

    It might even be on the telly now but I doubt it as it's still morning while here the sun is approaching the yardarm so I'm off to the party. :eek:ccasion4:
  2. What better way tocelebrate than for the Chinese Communist Party to abolish itself.
  3. Brown the Humourless would take one look China’s might and think how fortunate we are that our new friends are eminently equipped to defend our interests.
  4. That's the point Thingy. They are NOT communists, the place is full of millionairs, same as Russia.

    The Reds own half of the Premier League don't they?

    Just a thought from someone who lives here. :roll: :wink:
  5. We had the edited highlights dieso, very impressive, especially those pink clad fem troops goose stepping, very smart. :)
  6. A friend of my dad's went there in the late 1980s to explain the British Civil Service to the Chinese Government and was taken to the Forbidden City where the elite live in their special compound. It was interesting for him to contrast the accommodation and facilities available to the elite with that allocated to everyone else!

    His little chat was broadcast live over Chinese TV! :lol:
  7. Get on a plane and come and have a look for youself. There are more hookers here than in Bangkok.

    Party party party :lol:

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