Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by FAAFLYNAVY, Dec 2, 2013.

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  1. Now that "call me Dave" & his trade entourage have gone to China to seek a new beginning in trade/human rights issues is it possible he'll try & unload one of the new carriers on them as part of some trade deal? They seem to be pressing ahead with the J-18 jump jet so it's a possibility. Just a personal thought!
  2. Probably be too much advanced technology and the Americans will block any attempt at selling it. If that poor bugger got done for batteries, this'll get the CDS a good life term. :)
  3. If they did sell it to China (never happen), the waffle on the end-user certificate would be an interesting read.
  4. If we did manage to sell it to them, they'd only end up selling it back to us melted down into miniataure aiclaft calliers...solly...thloo deck cloosers
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  5. With a location of Plymouth, I'd go easy with the 'take the piss' accents.
  6. What is it with you and selling off the carriers? Every post is 'selling a carrier' are you the chief of the air staff in cognito! Bloody crabs trying to undermine our heroic FAA!
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  7. Stop drinking bleach before the sun goes down would be my advice.
  8. Ah you're assuming I'm a native janner and not just a winter visitor from far off, warmer climes
  9. "We've discovered that Britain is easily replaceable in China's European foreign policy," said the editorial in the newspaper's Chinese edition. "Moreover, Britain is no longer any kind of 'big country', but merely a country of old Europe suitable for tourism and overseas study, with a few decent football teams."

    Remember Chinese media is state controlled so that says a lot about what those commies think about our Island, maybe they're still pissed about the opium wars. DC ain't there to sell defence, he's there for "investments".
  10. I'd have thought unloading one of these carriers would count as a sound investment, then perhaps at a later date we could build/obtain one fitted with cat & trap that would allow the UK to fully cross deck with its EU/US allies. Just a personal thought!
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  11. FAAF,

    I'm not sure why on earth you would think selling one of the QE Class would be a credible option financially, politically or operationally. How do you think the US, Australia and other 5 eyes nations would react if we transferred such technology? Moreover, if you think for one moment that we'd be able to secure the funding for a cat/trap carrier afterwards, you are extremely naive, not least as we'd then have to invest in an entirely new variant of F-35.

    Thankfully, it looks increasingly as if we'll get both QE and PoW. Arguably STOVL will allow us to cross deck with more allies than cats/traps would have. Let's move on.

    In summary, they may be personal thoughts old chap, but - with respect - the idea that selling one of the RN's new carriers to China would in any way be viable is both very odd and exceptionally misguided.

  12. With all due respect:

    **** off with your constant carrier / FAA trolling.
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  13. Please let us know when you actually have one.

  14. Ironic considering how much high-tech they've stolen from the yanks
  15. And here's me thinking Benny Hill had died?
  16. Nobody could stay drunk that long, surely?
  17. Their population is in billions so could be a slight chance.
  18. You've never been drinking with the RFA
  19. Oh yes I have; and had the hangovers to remind me.

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