China Island

Discussion in 'The Quarterdeck' started by Stirlin, Jun 21, 2015.

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  1. Same approach as travellers caravan site. They move in on Friday teatime when the council bods have gone weekenders and by Monday morning it's a fully functioning caravan site.
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  2. ......... but a tad more worrying. I don't think the 'due process' will be evicting the Chinese anytime soon.
  3. Guns

    Guns War Hero Moderator

    We should look to see if there is anything we can do between the Fslklands and Argintina. It would drive them nuts.
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  4. Now there's a place that you'll never find on Google Earth, and I suspect
    that in car satnav systems will throw a whappy as well.
  5. Maybe we join the Isle of Wight to the mainland and show them what 2015 looks like? :)
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  6. And spoil my hols , ? get away with ya.
  7. Aye , Dubai has made some fancy palm shaped islets , we could do one in the shape of the new carriers or the Astute class.
  8. JFH said: Maybe we join the Isle of Wight to the mainland and show them what 2015 looks like? :)

    No thanks! Why should we be joined to the North Island?

    Just raising the subject of a fixed link/bridge/tunnel risks raised Oil of Woight blood pressure.........filling in the Solent could lead to zimmer frames at dawn.
  9. I recently spent a nice weekend on the I.O.W. with my bruvver. Weather was nice so we
    went paddling.

    That's me on the left.


    Why was every ****** on the beach yelling at me to put my top on then?
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  10. If they're correct about global warming and the sea levels rising, they'll all be under water in 20 years time so not a good time to invest in any Chinese construction companies! ;)
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  11. I am surprised the Oz pilot was so polite when challenged , what price the 5 power agreement ship now.
  12. Did not read to me as the Oz pilot was challenged looked like he announced his presence, and then flow over international waters?
  13. Yep, my bad , as I said in another thread my chip needs a dust.
  14. Probably the opposite Wrecks, they will just back fill with more concrete? so ideal time to invest in China construction?:confused:
  15. I have just read a CRACKING novel about this. It is all about some nuclear submarines from the nations around the Spratleys (and the US / China - obviously!) chasing each other etc. Called Broken Trident - get it, read it! Scarey for a novel when real life is doing the same thing.

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