China Fleet, 1920's

Discussion in 'History' started by heythrop, Jul 29, 2010.

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  1. I am trying to post as an attachment a photograph taken by my father of a Naval field wireless station, Wei-Hei-Wei, 1925. Hope it works (The attaching - not the wireless station)
  2. I managed the attachment, so let's see if I get lucky with another couple of photographs.
    Royal Marine Lewis Gun Team, Wei-Hei-Wei 1925 or 26.
    My father is the corporal in both pictures (Chatham division)
  3. Good pics oppo, but may I ask a rather pertinent question?
    If that is your Pop in 1925, how old are you, as my dad was born in 1922 and would have been 88 now had he lived.
    I was born in 1950 and so am 60 now.
  4. Hi rumrat,
    I am 77, coming up for 78.
    My father was born in 1900 and enlisted in the RMLI in 1918, but was too late in the year to enter thatre of operations during the 1914-18 war, unlike his three brothers, two of who were regular army prior to 1914, and one who enlisted sometime before 1917. They were all lucky enough to survive that ghastly war.

    My father served his '21' in October 1939, and was 'Recalled to the Colours' (He never left them) for WW2, when he served in The Battle of the Atlantic, North Africa (MNBDO 2), before being blown up in Italy in 1943 and invalided out in 1944.

    I was born a barack rat in Malta, Christened in the Royal Navy Dockyard Church, Valletta, and spend my younger years traipsing round places the Royals were, from Cornwall to Scotland. Great days.

    Attached is a photo of my father on a run ashore in Dairen, China, 1926
  5. PS. He's the one on the right in the picture.
  6. So that'll be Rumrat on the left, then. :wink:

    Seriously - Great pictures, keep 'em coming!
  7. [marq=down]Ooooo, Rum Rat's not gonna like that, but never mind, here is a picture of the Royal Marine detachment from HMS Titania at Wei-hai-Wei landing for the Kings's Birthday Parade in 1926.

    I have put a cross over the head of my dad so he will not be mistaken for the bloke in front who is picking his nose.

    Edit: Sorry, picture duplicated.
  8. Fabulous photos, heythrop. What a history! Thank you.
  9. Heythrop I was not doubting you mate I just thought you had to have clocked up a bit of milage because of my own age.
    Great pics post as many as you have for me mate I think there classic.
    Which barracks in Malta, not Linden by any chance?
  10. Deleted by self
  11. Royal Marines 'Active Service Cup' team from HMS Titania, China 1926
  12. Royal Navy divers at work, China Fleet, 1926. Probably the divers were from HMS Titania.
  13. deleted by self
  14. Heythrop, most people call him Stix, you only really say"What the Fuck" when you see him. :roll: :wink: :D
  15. Just by way of a change here is a photo of four brothers with their mum, taken early 1919. My father is the youngest of them, Royal Marines Light Infantry, Chatham Division.
  16. Excelent photos heythrop.
    Must say that, even with the Broderick Cap, your Royal Dad makes your Percy Uncles look like scran bags. :lol:
  17. Sorry, I didn't read the small print. Thought it was an odd name !!!!
  18. wet_blobby

    wet_blobby War Hero Moderator

    I'll second the suggestion of offering the Corps museum copies, they're great photo's. Keep them coming and thanks for posting them. I particularly like the "No6 dress uniform" one. Only time I've seen bootnecks in it apart from the joy our ASRM had wearing it in the Dominican Republic.
  19. Right that settles it: I will get in touch with the museum.

    Incidently, sorry if I make mistakes in my posts. I have to read what I have written several times and often have to edit it, bu don't always pick up errors. Fact is that through AMD I have complete loss of central vision in my right eye, and very dodgy sight in left eye which cannot be corrected with glasses. Put bold print against faint/smaller print and I will not see the latter......ask stix.........

    For most things, including essay writing, I rely on my computer set up in bold print.

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