Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by Streaky, Oct 12, 2009.

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  1. Ooh, that stuff's nice... how can you not love a suace that advertises as being good for "spicing up sauce and meals, and removing oil from driveways"?
  2. I have 2 bottles of that stuff in my fridge, on one of them it says the stuff can be used to strip paint and remove stains from driveways! It's a slight exageration, but not much. Just one drop in a bowl of soup is enough to make it very hot. Hot sauces of all shades are available from here:

    Who dares, burns. :twisted:
  3. I've been using this stuff, (very carefully!), for years.

    Couldn't believe how potent it was first time I tried it. :angryfire: :eek:mfg:

    As a side effect it's useful if you're blocked :pottytrain5:
  4. What an excellent sucessor to cubes of soap and other traditional naval mouthwashes for foul mouthed matelots.... as if.... :twisted:
  5. witsend

    witsend War Hero Book Reviewer

    Did you think that was soap in your mouth, you mong.
  6. I've tried a few of these MegaMacho Blow Your Colon Off Insane I'm Hard sauces and they've all tasted wank. Its way too hot for you to put it onto your food in any meaningfull amount, so its pointless as a sauce and is really more of a delivery platform for heat, in which case I'd much rather just have fragrant fresh chilis to munch on and get some extra vitamin C into the bargain. Trust me, get yourself some birds-eye or Thai chillies like these babies.


    They have a wonderfully crisp and clean frangrance as soon as you bite into them which cuts through fatty savoury flavours very well. Really nice eaten in tandem with just about any kind of sausage, or haslet. Or for a smokier flavour some chili flakes (goes well with peanut butter).

    If anyone can recommend any HOT sauces (ref. Tobasco is weak) that are actually NICE (the kind of nice where you would actually want the rest of your food to carry its flavour) then I'm all ears.

    I've recently discovered a good one : in terms of hotness its pansy but it tastes absolutely luvverly. Ladies and Gentlemen may I recommend the Georgia Peach Vidalia Onion Hot Sauce. It even has a rather tasty looking gwa on the bottle too just as a bit of a bonus!
  7. I had to read that twice.
  8. A favourite snack when I was a teenager was fresh chillis, a bottle of milk (to take away extreme heat) and jaffa cakes. Why that last, I have no idea.

    Too much heat spoils a meal, I like to taste my food.
  9. and people always remember to wash your hands after handling chillies

    especially when handling sausages
  10. OMG! You mean it was something else? 8O
  11. I'm sorry nobody has yet mentioned chilli ice cream....

    You basically make white chocolate ice cream with its cloyingly sweet flavour and add chopped chillies to the custard in the ice cream maker. The chillies make the ice cream edible! :lol:

    If you're a lazy barsteward, you can always buy something vaguely similar....
  12. chilli and ice cream there is a sexual conotation in there somewhere
  13. That stuff is brills. My mate and I used to have a bit of it with our scran. A complete lightweight in the spicy dept (a W.E. - nuff said!) decided to have a try...he had a good old gloop on his plate, and proceeded to use it as he would ketchup, with the immortal line of "It's not that hot!" until the afterburn kicked in...his face went bright red, eyes streaming and could hardly ask for help as he rushed to the fridge for a goffa. Needless to say, a HUGE amount of sympathy was not offered :wav:
  14. I am sorry to say that you have no idea what a really hot Chilli is until you try one of these

    Its Harry Turbo Redders, never mind HOT, that word just does not do the searing pain justice.

    Tesco's sell them, just be very careful, very very careful.
  15. :oops:

    My first taste of chilli was Tobasco sauce. We were eating chips in the office (I worked for the DHSS then) and has run out of vineger and salt. As I wasn't used to eating undressed chips at that time, I asked if anyone had a condiment I could use. Someone offered me a bottle of Tobasco sauce, warning me that a very small amount went a long way. Me, in my ignorance, thought 'it can't be that bad, it looks like weak tomato soup' so I smothered by chips with it and......


    ...I ended up in St Thomas's Hospital, in A&E having breathing difficulties.... :oops: :oops: :oops:
  16. Just resently bought Levi Roots( of Reaggi Reggi sauce fame)and started to use the Scotch bonnet peppers. If the pepper is whole and undamaged and no seeds get out there is a sort of flavour and it leaves your mouth numb, but if the seeds get out :blob6:

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