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Chilean Miner Jokes


Lantern Swinger
A Chilean Miner is having sex with his wife on the first night of his rescue.

"My darling, can we do this with the lights off" ? asks the miner

"Of course we can, I understand" says the wife.

"And can I take you from behind" ? Asks the miner

"Yes my hero, tonight you can do anything you want to me"

"Great" says the miner, "In that case, can I call you Pedro" ?


War Hero
It was Thatcher's birthday on Wednesday (really).

Seems slightly ironic to know that there were all those miners celebrating - not a joke, an observation.


Lantern Swinger
Just been watching the news today. Looking at the smile back on their grubby urchin like faces.
The look of joy as they realised there was a glimmer of hope of being rescued. They have a chance now that all will be well in their pathetic mundane little lives. But you know what.......

Still hope Everton beat them on Sunday !!


War Hero
Pedro Sanchez, one of the rescued Chilean miners who was recovering from his ordeal in hospital last night, suddenly disappeared from his bed.
Hospital security searched for him and eventually found him getting back into the life-saving metal pod that had brought him out of the depths of the mine.
"Pedro, where are you going amigo?" said one of the security men.
Pedro pressed the *Down* button on the rescue pod.
"Adios amigos! I am just going for a shit, and I can only use the downstairs toilet........."


War Hero
When I heard on the news that 33 Chilean miners were freed, I wondered "How many is a chillion?"
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