Chile earthquake

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by Stirling, Mar 1, 2010.

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  1. Second news item after rich tory Lord not paying tax, ONLY 3 mins of coverage by ONE reporter.
    Not just an earthquake but a tsunami thrown in for good measure, over 700 have lost their lives and many thousands more are homeless.

    Haiti...........blanket coverage, loads of correspondants, world mobilised to help etc.
    Summat stinks.
  2. Chile is a far more developed country than Haiti, it ranks around 45 in GDP terms compared to Haiti which comes in at 135th. The quake in Haiti claimed around a quarter of a million lives, a much smaller number are thought to have died in Chile.

    It is of course a tragic situation in Chile, but rest assured it will be getting a proportionate aid response from the various agencies who make up the disaster relief community. I suspect the reason for the relatively low key coverage is the rather questionable system of priorities used by our media.

    You can bet if John Terry or another dribbler had a cousin in Chile there would be wall to wall coverage.
  3. Caught the end of the channel 4 news saying that five Brits are missing in the area so unfortunately it'll probably get considerably more coverage if they're confirmed killed.
  4. And added to that, I know that France / Spain / Portugal are 'first' world, Western countries right on our doorstep, but I was rather surprised at the complete lack of coverage of the severe storms over the weekend that killed 50.

    I suppose because 'no Britons were hurt' means it ain't news.
  5. Give me a camera and I'll go................been needing a holiday for a while
  6. Sad but true.
  7. Guarenteed if it had happened in the States, the Beeb would have hired a jumbo to get all the news teams out there, the shopping is much better there than in Portugal etc :?

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