Children are being "demonised" by society

Children are being "demonised" by society and too many are being locked up, according to four national watchdogs.

Correct me if I'm wrong but aren't children "demonised" because some are out and out little s**ts and it's difficult to identify the good from the bad at first glance? Similarly, having removed most of the traditional means of disciplining children, isn't the real threat of the Slammer the only deterrent to badness we have left. Record numbers of pi**ed up kids causing trouble, using knives (even guns) without much care and totally prepared to kick/beat people to death is presumably a good reason to go easy on them. The child poverty argument is also wheeled in again. If children are in poverty, send the little buggers out to work! Seriously, though, poverty is an excuse always clung to by the Left and the Liberals.

Leaving aside the National Service argument (as if we don't have enough problems already), what is the solution and does anyone else see this as another impending knee jerk reaction requiring lots of money to be thrown at it?


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Agree with you POL
It's only a last resort when kids are incarcerated (unfortunately) and by the time it happens they are normally well into the criminal lifestyle.
bring back the borstals, one warning, one go at probation and then one spell in a real borstal.
Wonder how many would re-offend?
The reason so many are being locked up is because there's so many of them "at it", It's not because society doesn't like the younger generation, it's because the young generation doesn't like society, and think that any sort of law applies to them. Send him to my estate in Guzz for a week, let him see the young generation live and see what he says then.
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